OUAT – The Queens Heart Vault

In episode 7 (The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter), we see that the Evil Queen had a vault filled with hearts and some  other things we still need to figure out. When she commissioned the Huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart, she intended to add the heart to her collection in the vault.

When the Huntsman did not bring back Snow White’s heart, the Evil Queen queen took his heart instead and placed it in the heart vault.

In Storybrooke, we see that Regina has brought this heart vault with her and hidden it underground, where she takes Graham’s heart and crushes it.

In this episode (Hat Trick), we see the Evil Queen doing everything she can to get into Wonderland to retrieve something. She asks Jefferson’s help and they both go into Wonderland.

As they get to Wonderand, we see this mausoleum-like structure that clearly belongs to the Queen of Hearts.

As we see the Evil Queen open the doors to the mausoleum, what we see surprises us.

The Heart Vault!

We see the Evil Queen retrieving a box from the vault and quickly escaping.

We realize that before she exits Wonderland, it was her father’s heart that was in the vault.

Who owns the heart vault? Who stole it from who? What kind of rivalry is going on between the Evil Queen and the Queen of Hearts? Why was Henry Sr.’s heart in Wonderland?

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3 thoughts on “OUAT – The Queens Heart Vault

  1. Larry

    I don’t think it was Henry (Sr)’s heart, but a tiny Henry. Remember – one side makes you larger, the other makes you smaller. EQ broke off a bit and fed it to her tiny father to make him big, well, normal sized.

    The similarity to EQ’s set of boxes is interesting tho… does each queen have her own? Since EQ had a hard enough time getting Henry, I don’t think she went back to steal the vault.

  2. TorityPrism

    Agreed, Larry.

    Regina’s fathers heart was burnt up in a fire that enacted the curse. There certainly didn’t seem to be time AFTER that curse enacted for the queen to make a jaunt to Wonderland. By then, it was all about getting to Snow White’s castle.

    It was a tiny Henry Sr. that she fed. The timeline of these events was probably sometime before Snow White ever eats the apple (let alone is awakened, gets married/threatened, or Henry Srs. heart gets ripped out.)

    1. Manny

      Would you guys agree that in this retelling of the stories that the EQ knew of only one way to get to Wonderland….. through the Mad Hatter’s Hat?….. or do you feel that the rabbit hole existed somewhere in FTL as well as in Wonderland? and that the EQ knew of the rabbit hole and simply chose the Hat in order to trap Jefferson in WonderLand for whatever reason? Because only the Hat has the rule “same number in as number out?”……..
      The existence of the bar named the “Rabbit Hole” in Storybrooke has got me thinking, Why would that be represented in Storybrooke if it didn’t exist in FTL?….. And as it’s being presented here, Wonderland is in a completely different world than ours or FTL…. which leads me to believe that Wonderland was not part of the Dark Curse’s relm?, so why the Rabbit Hole bar?…… the Rabbit Hole only existed in the Alice in Wonderland story…… IN WonderLand!, not FTL!? And obviously Regina and the Hatter had a thing going at one time, so there’s that!, just sayin


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