OUAT – The Snow White cabin question. Updated.

We see two cabins in Once Upon a Time “7:15AM”;

The one that Snow was living in

and the cabin that David and Mary shared an almost kiss

Is this the same cabin? Even though they look different, is it another Toll/Troll bridge spot?

An update from the Deputy Desk: There is a second cabin behind the main cabin (No plane jokes, Manny! 😉 ), see it circled. Is that “the real” SW cabin?

2 thoughts on “OUAT – The Snow White cabin question. Updated.

  1. Manny

    IDK???? The whole idea of this cabin, “out in the open” kind of contradicts the idea that Snow is in hiding, doesn’t it? I mean the EQ wanted her bad enough before and now, a month later, she’s responsible for the deaths of three of her Knights, including “THE BLACK KNIGHT”, the head of her army!. You would think the EQ would be sending out Everybody! w/ helicopters, SWAT!, Flying Monkeys!, the whole circus!….. OH!, but Wait!….She knows where Snow is all of the time! duh? The Magic Mirror!…. so what was she waiting for…..”?” She could have had her killed at any time!…….. oh! I get it….. she wants to do it!….. but didn’t have the Apple til……….OOOOOKKKKKKKK! ……. i get it….. LOLOL!!

    ……..i’m so slow sometimes! 8^}P


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