OUAT – What note did Snow White give Prince Charming?

We see that King George holds the note that Prince Charming sent to Snow White:

When Snow was telling Charming that she didn’t love him anymore:

We see Snow hand Charming a note:

Was this the same note the came from Charming? I mean, sure we immediately think that is the truth, but what if it wasn’t?

We discuss a number of possibilities of what the note could have been on our most recent podcast episode: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/007-fam-ouat-live-show-more-mysterious-stranger-cool-theories-and-more/

2 thoughts on “OUAT – What note did Snow White give Prince Charming?

  1. obisgirl

    I read a small ficlet on deviantart that Snow actually wrote him the truth. b/c I have a very bad memory when it comes to the scene between Snow White and King George. Didn’t he put the note Charming wrote for Snow into the fire? If he did, it would make sense that Snow would either a) write a new note saying that she did, or didn’t love him or b) give him a blank note.

    which if I got a blank note from someone who had a crush on me, I would think WTF? and maybe consider that something else was going on as well.


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