OUAT – What about the Genie’s Peacock necklace?

So, we see the Genie wearing this ornate Peacock necklace:

It is a peacock necklace, and there is a green hue to it. Peacock = changing colors. Got it. Sorta like a mood ring, but a necklace. However, something strange happened.

After the Genie is “set free” from being a Genie, the necklace loses it color:

Are we to assume that the necklace held some special power for the Genie, and when he was no longer a Genie, the power left the necklace (exhibited by no more color)? I’m also wondering if the necklace will show up in Mr. Gold’s shop, or Regina’s jewelry collection?

What do you think about this mysterious necklace?

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One thought on “OUAT – What about the Genie’s Peacock necklace?

  1. Raeann

    Totally didn’t notice that about the color leaving, but great catch! Love the idea that Regina may have it now. Who knows, she may have bought it from Gold 🙂 no one seems to frequent Gold’s pawnshop to buy or sell it seems, which I think is interesting. He basically just runs a FTL museum.


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