OUAT – The DNA of Stories (The Hero’s Journey)

I’ve mentioned Joseph Campbell, and his influence on George Lucas and Star Wars, but I also want you to consider the Once Upon a Time in this mix. Here is a very cool video showing the sections of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey in three major motion picture stories;

Can’t you see Emma progressing through these sections? What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “OUAT – The DNA of Stories (The Hero’s Journey)

    1. Manny

      Sorry guys! But, appearently all the hits this guy got from us generated too much attention and the word got back to the owners of the copywrite…… and they shut him down! Oops!

      Hey Deputies!! How did you all get an exclusive viewing channel?
      and are those clips that you all used eventually gonna get pulled by Disney?…

      1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

        I hear you, Manny. We are going to try the “We don’t mean any copyright infringement, etc” disclaimer on the vids and see if they will look the other way. If not, I have another option.

        1. Manny

          That would be great! Jeff……. Cause I think you’re wielding a little more power than you think now! LOL!…. And I really didn’t mean to get that guy shut down…… I feel kind of responsible…lol 8^{
          They didn’t just pull the vid…. this guy lost his whole channel!!…..oops!…lol (8^{


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