OUAT – Why didn’t the Mobile jog David’s memory in Mr. Gold’s shop?

We see David Nolan touch and admire the Unicorn mobile, but it doesn’t jog his memory of his Fairy Tale life?

however, we see that the windmill does jog his memory. Why?

We discuss a possible reason why in the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast Episode 6 “The Shepherd” here: http://new.roneyzone.com/audio/podcasts/onceuponatimepodcast/006-ouat-fan-podcast-the-shepherd/

3 thoughts on “OUAT – Why didn’t the Mobile jog David’s memory in Mr. Gold’s shop?

  1. katie

    My theory is that touching the mobile didn’t jog his memory, because he couldn’t remember his cursed memories or his fairytale memories since he was in a coma for about 28 years. He only started remembering the windmill, because Regina made him remember somehow with magic.

  2. Manny

    That scene always raised a few questions with me. More so as to what Rumple was up to. What was Rumple’s thinking here? Rumple, at this point had just gotten his memories back with the arrival of Emma, along with all of the inner workings of Regina’s curse. Such as, knowing that Regina’s trigger for David’s cursed memories was the windmill that she put in front of the Nolan’s house, (if David should ever awake from his coma) that would be the first thing that he would see when Kathryn brought him home and….poof! Cursed memories triggered. We know this from the opening lines of 1×06 “The Shepherd”

    Kathryn: You know, you had the same look on your face when we bought it, too.
    Kathryn: You couldn’t see past the ugly windmill on the lawn, and said you’d never
    buy an old lady house. Do you remember what changed your mind?
    David: Well, I see the windmill’s gone.

    Rumple knew this and swiped it from the Nolan’s house before David could get there and put it in his shop.
    He then puts Emma’s unicorn mobile front and center, fully lit, with the windmill positioned in the shadows on the way out, just in case he failed, he couldn’t let David roam around in limbo w/o any memories, cursed memories are better than no memories. Rumple takes one last jab at David’s true memories by calling out “Charming” then pretends to suggest he was referring to the mobile. It appears that Rumple wanted first shot at David’s True memories.
    But why?
    Let’s say Rumple had succeeded and David suddenly remembers everything. CHAOS would ensue. The only other people with their memories at this time are Jefferson barely able to get out of his house now and Belle locked away under the hospital and of course Regina and Rumple. Jefferson and Belle would be no help, David would be on his own with all of Storybrooke looking at him as though he were nuts! With Whale on Regina’s side, she would have had David locked up as insane because David wouldn’t be able to do anything until Emma broke the Dark Curse herself and was the only one that could.
    So what was Rumple thinking?
    There’s no way that David could have hurried the braking of the curse until Emma chose to believe.

    I’ve always wondered where the writing ALMOST went with this scene. I’ve asked Adam for years what that was about and have never gotten an answer.

    The mobile didn’t work b/c it wasn’t a true trigger. And although David was in limbo, a true trigger (the windmill) in Storybrooke trumps any object that is just from the past. Belle should have recognized her chipped cup in the hospital but didn’t. But did recognize a true trigger (the match box) and became Lacy.

    Sorry for the length, Oncers, but I can talk about season one ALL Day…Haha


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