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OUAT – Hey, where have we seen that Well before?

In the Sneak Peek for “Red Handed,” we see a horrific scene around a Well:


the shape of the rim of the Well


looks like a Well that Emma and August Booth visited in “What Happened to Frederick”

and see the shape of the rim

Now, for sure the Well in Fairy Tale Land had no fancy rope pulley, etc, and the bucket is different, but I’m putting a small wager that its the same Well.

It supports my theory that there are markers in both lands that line up locations (realms).

My big question is where in relation to Storybrooke is the Well (and August’s home for that matter)? All we have seen in Storybrooke is the Main street, a number of residences, and the disaster-ridden roads out of town, but now we know there are inland roads that allow people to go in farther to the valleys of Storybrooke/Fairy Tale Land.

I’m very interested to see other markers that are out there. Are you?

OUAT – Why didn’t the Mobile jog David’s memory in Mr. Gold’s shop?

We see David Nolan touch and admire the Unicorn mobile, but it doesn’t jog his memory of his Fairy Tale life?

however, we see that the windmill does jog his memory. Why?

We discuss a possible reason why in the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast Episode 6 “The Shepherd” here: http://new.roneyzone.com/audio/podcasts/onceuponatimepodcast/006-ouat-fan-podcast-the-shepherd/