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OUAT – Steveston/Storybrooke Store List *Updated 9/26/14

Big Thanks to Ken for notating (and updating) these maps. I really appreciate it so much. It is amazing!

Ashley’s fiance works in a cannery. Could we possibly see this national historic cannery site (The Gulf of Cannery Museum) more closely in the future which is just west of Moncton St. & 3rd Ave? We have seen it way in the background in some of street scenes.

Here is the wikipedia detail: Link here

Google Maps Street View link: Here

A new site that Ken found that shows other OUAT filming locations on maps: http://moviemaps.org/movies/h7

Opening night street shot of Storybrooke Maine with Emma’s yellow VW heading towards the camera Ep. 2 – 7 / looking east from about 3680 MONCTON ST, RICHMOND, BC.

Google Map View link: Click here

Here is a list of the Real Life Steveston businesses that transform into Storybrooke businesses. We support Steveston as the home to our favorite show, “Once Upon a Time”. Note: I have provided links to the photos on other sites here.

Pieces (http://insteveston.com/pieces) store becomes Purbeck Shoe Store (http://insteveston.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/inSteveston_OncePurbeckShoeStore-610×457.jpg)

Google Map View link: Here

Splash (http://insteveston.com/splash) becomes Neighbor’s (http://insteveston.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/inSteveston_OnceStationaryGaffe-610×348.jpg)

Fleming & Associates (http://insteveston.com/fleming) becomes Archibald Hopper’s Office (http://insteveston.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/inSteveston_DrArchibaldHopper-610×187.jpg)

Cannery Cafe (http://insteveston.com/cannerycafe) becomes Granny’s Diner (http://www.flickr.com/photos/insteveston/5979877462/in/photostream/). Note: This is where Ruby works. Just sayin’

Google Maps View link: Here

Next to Granny’s Diner is where the now famous “David and Mary” kiss took place:

Google Map View Link: Here

Read a blog post dedicated to this spot: here

The former site of Artisans Galleria becomes Worthington’s Haberdashery (http://www.flickr.com/photos/insteveston/5976502594/in/set-72157627157567647/)

Nikka Fishing and Marine (http://insteveston.com/nikka) becomes a mysterious boarded up free public library (http://www.flickr.com/photos/insteveston/5975941871/in/set-72157627157567647/).

Google Maps View link: Here

Pacific Net and Twine (http://insteveston.com/pacificnettwine) becomes Atlantic Net and Twine (http://insteveston.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/inSteveston_OnceAtlanticTwineNet-225×300.jpg)

Google Map View Link: Here

Steveston Marine and Hardware (http://insteveston.com/stevestonmarine) becomes Storybrooke Hardware and Paint (http://www.flickr.com/photos/insteveston/5976489956/in/set-72157627157567647)

Nikaido (http://insteveston.com/nikaido) becomes Standard Clocks (http://www.flickr.com/photos/insteveston/5975928725/in/set-72157627157567647/)

Comment from Ken: “You mentioned you might have seen Cogsworth and the baker … could Cogsworth be the owner of the Standard Clocks shop and the baker be the owner of the Storybrooke Country Bread?”

Romania Country Bread (http://insteveston.com/romaniabread) becomes Storybrooke Country Bread (http://www.flickr.com/photos/insteveston/5979880146/)

Serenity Lifestyle Boutique (http://insteveston.com/serenitylifestyle) becomes Modern Fashions (http://www.flickr.com/photos/insteveston/5979318603/in/photostream/)

Google Maps View link: Here

Post Office (http://www.steveston.bc.ca/online/museum.html) stays a Post Office (http://www.flickr.com/photos/claytonperry/6054882302/)

La Tandoor (http://insteveston.com/latandoor) stays La Tandoor

Dave’s Fish and Chips (http://insteveston.com/daves) stays Dave’s Fish and Chips

George’s Taverna (http://insteveston.com/georges) stays George’s Taverna

Comment from Ken: “We noticed that the La Tandoor next door to the Marine Garage appears to going through some rennovations inside and the windows are papered over. I don’t know if it’s because of real business changes or another set change (like Worthington Haberdashery morphing into Storybrooke Pet Shelter recently, and now (8/1/14) it an ice cream shop “Any Given Sundae”). I’ll keep an eye on it on future walks.”

Marine Garage (little neon sign in the window says Sepetto’s Garage if I remember correctly) is Marine Garage. Ken’s note: Sepetto’s Garage neon sign should be Seppo’s Automotive. Does the garage belong to Geppetto? We can’t remember if he owns the garage in the show. If so then Seppo’s must be his Storybrooke last name (I remember him being called Marco … so maybe Marco Seppo).

Google Map View link: Here

Storybrooke Coffee is Steveston Coffee

Storybrooke Dental is Moncton Dental

Note: Both of these businesses (listed above) are across the street from Mr. Gold Pawn Shop and next to Storybrooke Free Public Library.

Google Maps View link: Here

The little park with the white picket fence as seen in your link to the Storybrooke Post Office picture was Mary Margarete’s front yard in episode 6 where she is talking to David after his homecoming party. *Very cool! Thanks Ken for this tidbit!

Front of Mary Margaret’s House Google Map View Link: Here

Harmony Dental Studio (this location shows up as Redden Nets in Google street view … has since become the dental office) became the Hat Store.

Google Maps View link: Here

Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop is at 3480 Moncton St store on Google Street view (formerly an art gallery store but had been empty prior to becoming Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop)

Google Maps View link: Here

Others not seen (at least by me) or may show up in future episodes:

Storybrooke Courthouse is Steveston Courthouse.

Worthington Haberdashery changed to Storybrooke Animal Shelter. They were filming this past Thursday and I noticed the name change. Ken’s note: Storybrooke Animal Shelter should be Storybrooke Pet Shelter. My wife thinks she remembers hearing David was going to volunteer at an Animal Shelter (you guys probably can confirm.. I don’t remember) .. maybe this is the place.

Google Maps View link: Here

Added 1/19 Sara’s Ice Cream spotted in “True North” in-between Storybrooke Hardware and Paint and Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop. At this point, I don’t know what the Steveston business name is yet.

Google Maps View link: Here

See Sara’s Ice Cream in OUAT (Note 9/26/14: This shop has closed down. Very sad.)

Northside of Moncton St. heading west to east
Henry’s Castle Play structure (temporary TV set) / Garry Point Park – rotate left; zoom in between silver van & navy blue van; structure approximately just left of trees on grassy area

Google Maps View link: Here

View of where the Google View photo was taken:

See picture of Henry’s “castle” set during filming:


Maybe spoilery to some:

The Rabbit Hole is the back entrance to red brick Pieces Gift (Purbeck Shoes) building.

Google Maps View link: Here

Budget Appliances becomes Bravura Appliance but I have not personally seen it in any episodes. The store is east across 1st Ave. from Storybrooke Post Office and north across Moncton St. from George’s Taverna. Bravura sign had a image of a weightlifter raising a dumbbell (I think I took a picture of it … but can’t find it now) so I was thinking more of Disney’s Hercules.

Google Maps View link: Here

I saw it late Nov 2011 and I thought what an unusual name for an appliance store.

In background shots – Jolene Arts and Crafts becomes Crafts N’ More:

Google Maps View link: Here

New additions 2/21 (Thanks Ken):

Granny’s Bed and Breakfast Inn:



Mr. Gold’s House:



Fort Langley Location:

Article on OUAT shoots in Fort Langley. Note: other than Storybrooke Town Hall, I don’t think we have seen the other Fort Langley storefronts yet.
Article link Here

Storybrooke Town Hall = Fort Langley Community Hall
Historical information:
Info link here

Google Map View link: Here

Disclaimer: Following based only on information and photos from above article (ie. only my guess).

Notions Store = Tap Aromatherapy Spa

Google Map View link: Here

Storybrooke Savings & Loan = Coast Capital Savings

Google Map View link: Here

North Vancouver Location:
Old Lynn Valley Library identified as a set for Sheriff’s office in link posted by TorityPrism.

Sheriff’s Office = Old Lynn Valley Library
Various views at this website: http://www.dnv.org/article.asp?a=3978&c=701

Here is another article by Susan Gittins (#YVR Shoots) in case you haven’t seen it yet. Photo shoot and write up of what appears to be from last week’s episode. Note: May be spoilery for a few episodes. Just sayin’

Article link here

Big thanks to Ken and his incredible info and “on location” help with this list. I am so grateful to him (as I know the OUAT fans around the world are, too). Thanks again Ken. 🙂

Note: I am quite certain I may have made mistakes here and there, please let me know and I will resolve them. Thanks.

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