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2014 Hiatus Minisode 6 – Snow Sings, OUAT gets Gooder, Wicked has a name, Adam and Eddy send Red Ruby right over.


This is an official Once Upon a Time podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time

This is podcast number 205

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Snow sings
The OUAT Seas are more dangerous now
Alice After the Dark
Vancouver gets more of the Force
OUAT gets Gooder
Wicked has a name
10 Reasons its good to be – Neal

Ginnifer Goodwin confirmed on Twitter that she would be voicing and singing a character in “Sofia the First” on Disney Junior. In the Press Release for Sofia the First, Ginnifer will be voicing the character of the kitchen maid who aspires to be an inventor and making her appearance on April 4th. The vocal cast also includes; How I met your Mother’s Alyson Hannigan, Big Bang Theories’ Melissa Rauch, Isla Fisher, Sean Astin, Oliver Platt, Tracey Ullman, Phylicia Rashad and more


Charles Mesure (Formally of the shows V, and Desparet Housewives) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Mesure has been cast as Blackbeard.

This is Once-ish. Sophie Lowe (Alice in OUAT in Wonderland) stars as Petra in After the Dark in limited theatrical release February 7th, 2014. The film’s premise “At an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy teacher challenges his class of twenty graduating seniors to choose which ten of them would take shelter underground and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.”

ILM expands to Vancouver location. In an article in the Hollywood Reporter about ILM’s new life under Disney ”
In addition to its expansion into the U.K., its Vancouver unit led by supervising producer Randal Shore is beginning to operate out of a new, larger facility in the city’s Gastown section, which Brennan said would allow that team to double from 100 to 200 employees.”


Actress Sunny Mabrey is cast as Glenda the Good Witch


Sunny Mabrey Trivia from imdb;
Named after her uncle Sonny,
Drives a pickup truck and
from Jeff Roney’s opinion –
Sunny has some of the funniest Vines ever!

Sunny’s Vines are hilarious

Her account


Many of her vines on Vinebox


Per Natalie Ambrans a reporter for TV Guide, The Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) now has been named Zelena


One meaning is “light”


Another is “Goddess of the Moon”


In the Czech language – “zelena” [зелена]means “green.”


10 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Neal

#10. You know that the best pizza is in New York, and the second best pizza in
in the Kingdom of Damarian on the north shore of the Dragon Fields of Zorn.
#9. You didn’t inherit your father’s “good looks”.
#8. No child support payments. 
#7. If you ever turn out to be evil, people will understand.
#6. Your closing argument can always be “August made me do it”.
#5. You’re an expert at flying Shadow Air (™ Jeff Roney), and making a Star Map, Shadow Catcher Trap and an “in a pinch” Pasta Collander out of a coconut shell.
#4. Did someone say, blood magic. 
#3. When family comes to visit your apartment in New York, it becomes a Maury show “You are the Father!” segment.
#2. You get picked up on by clumsy women.
#1. You never have to worry about your ex stalking you.

Thanks to Brad Pogras.

Adam and Eddy must be listening to the podcast – Meghan Ory is returning as Ruby/Red. Adam Horowitz Tweeted “Thrilled to say our favorite wolf/waitress Meghan Ory will be returning this season to #OnceUponATime!” Horowitz writes. “Hope to see ya 3/9 #WickedIsComing.”


Once Upon a Time Pet Shelter Filming Location little known facts and Secrets

Take a look at the picture of the shop next to Granny’s Diner in Storybrooke. It was originally called “Worthington’s Haberdashery (Suits Hats Ties),” but only for a brief time.


This location suddenly changed to the Pet Shelter for the David and Mary Margaret storyline in Season 1.


Storybrooke Pet Shelter Interior 2rev

When the shop space wasn’t used for filming it was used by the cast and crew to stay warm during the cold winters of Vancouver, B.C. It also was used for temporary storage. For example, when we visited Steveston in 2012, I saw the Game of Thorns door from “The Crocodile” inside the Pet Shelter location on the floor.

game of thorns door

Our bluebirds in Steveston have chirped that the Pet Shelter location did revert back to it’s original “Worthington’s Haberdashery (Suits Hats Ties)” signage and window late in Season 2.

When we return to Storybrooke later on in Season 3, keep an eye out for what that location stays or becomes.

Who’s Behind Mary Margaret’s Door? OUAT Video

As we know, portions of ABC’s hit drama, Once Upon a Time are filmed in The Bridge Studios in Vancouver BC, including Mary Margaret’s apartment. Continuity in a television is difficult sometimes, but the behind the scenes crew try their best.

In this video, you will see scenes showing people entering (and some trying to enter) through Mary Margaret’s apartment door. Part of the fun is to be reminded of who these people coming to see Mary Margaret and Emma were and why.

As to continuity issues, one is the window you see when Mary Margaret’s door opens. At first you might think it was just a mistake, maybe a handyman working for Mr. Gold wanted to change the window here and there, but after awhile its pretty funny to see the new window when Mary Margaret’s door opens.

One more thing, I did include a link to one more scene at the end of the video, so be sure to watch all the way to the end.

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043 FAM OUAT Part A (Main Show) “Tallahassee” News and Voicemails

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New Oncer Quiz #2 – Test your Oncer knowledge and share with other Oncers


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Posted pics from Steveston – Storybrooke Free Public Library Inside and Out

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OUAT – Lana Parrilla, Vancouver, Steveston, Burgers, Fish & Chips and More

You wouldn’t want to meet this steely-eyed villainess in a dark alley. But in the light of day, you’re more likely to find actress Lana Parrilla chowing down on a decked-out burger than plotting world domination

Parrilla plays the Evil Queen (alter ego Mayor Regina Mills) on ABC’s hit show Once Upon a Time, which weaves classic fairytale archetypes with a modern-day plotline. As a TV veteran, Parrilla has some big-name credits under her belt, including Lost, NYPD Blue, Six Feet Under and 24. But she can’t get enough of shooting Once Upon a Time on location in picturesque Steveston, a 20-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. “Steveston is the cutest little town,” she says.

When she’s not corseted into a full gothic get-up, Parrilla goes for upscale European designers and heads to sleek boutiques on shopping trips around Vancouver. High-fashion Misch in South Granville is a favourite haunt, as well as Gravitypope in Kitsilano. When she’s downtown, Parrilla hits up Leone or Holt Renfrew.

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