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OUAT – People leaving Storybrooke and effects (or not) on them

Okay, let’s go through who has left Storybrooke;

Mr. Gold left Storybrooke to go procure Henry for Regina. We still don’t know if anything bad happened to him because of that, yet.
Ruby to go “find romance” in and around Boston, but Granny’s heart attack (Hmm, I wonder if Regina had anything to do with it, or was it just the Dark curse causing it?) brought Ruby back to Storybrooke.
*Update* Henry left, too. He took the bus to visit Emma. (Maid Maleen reminded me. Thanks.) To our knowledge, nothing bad happened, just the opposite it appears.

Who has tried to leave;

Emma with Ava and Nicholas Zimmer. Her car just died. No crash, no going off the side of the road.

Ashley. The car (she borrowed from Ruby) went off the side of the road:

and she was missing from the car:

She left (or was removed) the car somehow and was down a sloped side of the road out of site from the road.

Then, we see Emma drive Ashley back into town to have her baby.

Katherine. She was driving her car out of Storybrooke to go to Boston, and went over the side of the road (this time):

I’m writing another blog post about the roads in and out of Storybrooke and specifics about the effects of leaving using those roads. Thanks for reading this and leaving your comment.

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