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033 FAM OUAT Part B (After Party) GaJ comedy, Who’s singing that? Mig Macario bio, Emails & VMs and OUAT Quiz.

A 3d graphic of the words in the question What Do You Think?

A 3d graphic of the words in the question What Do You Think?


Thank you all who joined us, listened and chatted it up in our new Ustream chatroom! We appreciate all of you!

Grandma and Johnny “The Telephone ad lib”

A taste of Raphael Sbarge’s interview of Jane Espenson

Who’s Singing That?

Mig Macario
Another half Pinoy actor is making waves in the TV series scene in the US.
Fil-Canadian actor Mig Macario stars in three hit TV series in US, with recurring roles in currently running series’ “Fringe” and “Sanctuary.”
But, according to abs-cbnNEWS.com’s report, his biggest break came when he was signed up in ABC’s new hit show “Once Upon a Time,” which has been attracting a lot of attention recently. In this series, he takes on the role of the timid dwarf, Bashful.
“It’s all the different fairy tales that you’ve ever known but they’ve been cursed,” he tells ABS-CBN News. “It’s great in the sense that it’s a show that the whole family can watch, but really, it’s about hope.”
“Once Upon a Time,” which debuted in the US last November, is headlined by Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison. The series airs locally via Star World channel every Wednesday.
In a nutshell, the fairy tale drama series is a retelling of the classic “Snow White” conceptualized by two former writers of the hit “Lost.”
True blue Pinoy
Raised in Vancouver, Canada, Macario was born in Atimonan, Quezon and is the youngest of six children. Miguelito Macario Andaluz in real life, he was named after the Filipino revolutionary Macario Sakay.
Pursuing his destiny as actor in the States did not dilute his Pinoy identity.
“I’ve read up on Filipino history,” he says. “Although I was raised in Canada and grew up in North America, I still have really strong tries to being Filipino.”
He proudly adds, “Pinoy ang puso ‘ko.”
He even admitted that a good chunk of his acting prowess was influenced by Philippine showbiz industry.
“Somebody would come from the Philippines and they’d bring in Vilma Santos films, and I just remember, ‘Oh, this woman is making me so emotional,’” he recalls. “I think I’m a Vilmanian. That’s what they call it, I think.”
Despite being part of Hollywood, Macario still hopes to work with his favorite director, Brillante Mendoza.
“Brilliante Mendoza, if you’re listening or watching, I would love to work with you,” he says.
Calling out to the Cannes-winning director of “Kinatay,” he quipped, “Handang-handa na ako.”

What’s in a name?
Well since I’m rebranding myself professionally (possibly legally) and losing the Andaluz and “guelito” from my first name, there’s a lot to it. I never felt like an Andaluz and that’s the truth. I kept it because I felt obligated. When I found out that my middle name stood for Macario and only just recently was told that it was my great grandfather’s name, it only took 38 years to get that vital information about myself to be told to me, (thanks for letting me finally letting me know mom and dad). I always thought it was after Macario Sakay (see my early blogs about him) and I think it partly was because of him as well. I also found out recently that my birthday March 16 was the actual day the Philippines was allegedly discovered by Magellan. Although it had been many years that Chinese and other countries were trading with the people that would eventually be known as the Filipinos. Anyway, history listen over. I take the name Mig Macario because it’s a choice to start fresh, to begin my own legacy – a fresh history. I don’t think my parents know what they were getting into when they decided to use Macario as part of my name. Not that I’ll ever completely forget my past but like Macario Sakay – it’s a move towards independence through legal means. But I refuse to literally be executed like he did, but I know I will be definitely be figuratively executed from my family in a sense because I’m breaking certain social and cultural taboos (or something that my family may have made up). It’s my life and have the right to do so. So today – Miguelito Macario Andaluz begins to disappear (again executed if you like – happily by my own hands) while Mig Macario is born. New Year – New Name – New Life. It’s a good time


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022 FAM OUAT Part A (Main Show) New Intro, Who said That? game, Awesome emails.


Thank you all who joined us, listened and chatted it up in our new Ustream chatroom! We packed it out, but there’s always room for more. We appreciate all of you!

We read and discuss awesome emails from our awesome listeners, and had a little fun, too. 🙂

* Happy Birthday Nat!

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OUAT – UStream 101 for IPhones/IPods/IPads

We wanted to make this to help those who are having difficulty accesing UStream during the live chats on Saturday.

For Apple devices, you first need to make sure you have the Ustream app installed on your phone. We don’t recommend Apple users to go to the OUAT Fan Podcast website and use the widget since PC’s have different settings. It is so much better to use the free UStream app from the ITunes store.

Once you have UStream installed on your Apple device, follow these steps:

When the UStream interface opens, tap “More” at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will open a page with the following options – Alerts, Favorites, My Broadcast and Settings. Tap “Settings” and it will will bring you to the page below:

It is advisable to create a UStream account, but you prefer you can also use your Facebook or Twitter accounts if you opt to not make one for Ustream. Just Select which account you will use, and slide the tab to switch it on. It will lead you to a page where you enter your account information then tap log in.

Once you are signed in, you will see this page that will allow you to search for the OUAT Podcast page. In the search bar, just type “ouatpodcast”.

Tap on the OUAT Podcast channel, and it will direct you to the media and chat room where you can listen to the podcast and chat with other Oncers.

When the podcast is finished, tap “Done” and go back to the “Settings Page” and slide back the switch of the account you used to turn it off. That will sign you out of Ustream.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask the deputies. We are always on standby during Saturday shows to help anyone who needs it.

018 FAM OUAT – Packed Chat room, EvilRegals view of the Pilot, Henry’s Adoption and More.


Thank you all who joined us, listened and chatted it up in our new Ustream chatroom! We packed it out, but there’s always room for more. We appreciate all of you!

We read and discuss awesome emails from our awesome listeners, and had a little fun, too. 🙂

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OUAT Podcast Live Audio Show – Tonight 1/28/12 7PM PT

Join us!

Visit our Live show page here to listen and interact:


Note: We will using Twitter @ouatpodcast for questions, input and interact. We will do our best to keep up with comments from the mixlr widget.

Note: We will not be able to answer comments posted to the blog here on the live show. Thanks.