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Who Wrote Henry’s Book?

Hello Oncers! It is time to wake up the blog and get some good old fashioned theory debates going. Don’t be afraid to comment, but please follow Jeff and Colleen’s rules about giving “BIG LOVE” to everyone.

One of the main questions out there about OUAT is the origin story of “the book”. You must know I’m talking about “Henry’s Book”. We will approach this theory from 4 different vantage points which also are the 4 main theories out there.


Colleen has a GREAT Theory about Who Wrote Henry’s Book on our Snow Queen Main Show Ep 254. Listen to her Theory here: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/254

Mary Margaret/Snow White


The show tells us that Henry received the book from Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret is quoted as saying the following (not in order) about the book in the pilot episode:

“What do you think stories are for? These stories are classics. There’s a reason we all know them. They’re a way for us to deal with our world. A world that doesn’t always make sense.” Mary Margaret

“Look, I gave the book to him because I wanted Henry to have the most important thing anyone can have. Hope. Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.” Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret’s comments are very interesting. She seems to not notice that the versions of the fairy tales in Henry’s book are nothing like the ones told in the real world. What is also interesting is that before Emma arrived in Storybrooke, Regina had no knowledge of the book. OUAT characters don’t seem to have all the knowledge about how they were represented in the real world’s fairy tales and we see a little bit of this realization in the 3rd season on the island. On Neverland, Rumple, Regina, and Hook learn that they are villains and that villains don’t get happy endings which goes against the norm of a fairy tale.

Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin


Many believe that our favorite skin-challenged, part-time hero Rumple wrote the book. It would make sense because he was the one who made plans to have the curse enacted by Regina. It is possible that he wrote the book as a fail-safe in case Emma did not come to Storybrooke. He may have also written the book as a biography of The Enchanted Forest before losing his memories, or perhaps forcing the characters to complete his plans by giving them “Rumple-filed” histories.

August W. Booth/Pinocchio


Many believe that it was August who wrote the book. We were first introduced to August W. Booth in the episode “True North”. In the episode “7:15 AM” Emma questions August (We now now as young Pinocchio) about his box and August eventually shows her that it is his typewriter. This scene is very important because it is where this theory gets its strength. In this scene August eventually reveals to Emma that he is a writer; no other character thus far has defined themselves as a writer. We also see towards the end of the season that August finds and repairs the book. The idea that August would want to repair the book creates the illusion that he is the creator/author of the book because he knows it so well.

The Blue Fairy/Mother Superior/Reul Ghorm


Another crowd favorite is Blue. Blue goes by many names and whenever she is involved there is usually some mysterious magic not too far away. She is known as being one of the most powerful magical creatures in the Enchanted Forest, but yet she rarely displays this power unless asked for help. Many believe that blue is the writer of the book because in a flashback she stresses to Snow that in time their story will reveal itself to Emma. This statement at least acknowledges that Blue is aware of the book or aware that the book may be a part of the curse. In general, Blue seems to know a lot more about magic then she wants everyone else to know. Rumple learned about the curse when she slipped up and told him about it after he demanded she bring Baelfire back to him. Did she really slip up and tell Rumple about the curse? Many believe that Blue is actually the one running things behind the scenes and not Rumple.

My Theory:
I like the magic theory. I believe that the book itself is magical and that it updates itself as events happen. I also think the book could be following some similar storyline to the movie “The Pagemaster”.

Well those are my thoughts…..now what do you think?


Once Upon a Time Pet Shelter Filming Location little known facts and Secrets

Take a look at the picture of the shop next to Granny’s Diner in Storybrooke. It was originally called “Worthington’s Haberdashery (Suits Hats Ties),” but only for a brief time.


This location suddenly changed to the Pet Shelter for the David and Mary Margaret storyline in Season 1.


Storybrooke Pet Shelter Interior 2rev

When the shop space wasn’t used for filming it was used by the cast and crew to stay warm during the cold winters of Vancouver, B.C. It also was used for temporary storage. For example, when we visited Steveston in 2012, I saw the Game of Thorns door from “The Crocodile” inside the Pet Shelter location on the floor.

game of thorns door

Our bluebirds in Steveston have chirped that the Pet Shelter location did revert back to it’s original “Worthington’s Haberdashery (Suits Hats Ties)” signage and window late in Season 2.

When we return to Storybrooke later on in Season 3, keep an eye out for what that location stays or becomes.

Who’s Behind Mary Margaret’s Door? OUAT Video

As we know, portions of ABC’s hit drama, Once Upon a Time are filmed in The Bridge Studios in Vancouver BC, including Mary Margaret’s apartment. Continuity in a television is difficult sometimes, but the behind the scenes crew try their best.

In this video, you will see scenes showing people entering (and some trying to enter) through Mary Margaret’s apartment door. Part of the fun is to be reminded of who these people coming to see Mary Margaret and Emma were and why.

As to continuity issues, one is the window you see when Mary Margaret’s door opens. At first you might think it was just a mistake, maybe a handyman working for Mr. Gold wanted to change the window here and there, but after awhile its pretty funny to see the new window when Mary Margaret’s door opens.

One more thing, I did include a link to one more scene at the end of the video, so be sure to watch all the way to the end.

Thanks for watching, commenting, subscribing and letting other Oncers know about our videos.

OUAT – Learn how to create great OUAT character costumes yourself.

We have discussed cosplay (fans dressing up as their favorite (or one of their favorite) character(s)) before (http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/ouat-what-is-ouat-cosplay-we-will-show-you/), but this is a very good (in-depth) guide on how you can get started and do it yourself.

Photo Credit: Kmeron (http://www.flickr.com/photos/frf_kmeron/)

Check it out: HERE

A little tidbit. You should notice Melby in the makeup video tutorials, well we interviewed her, and we will release that soon. 🙂

Another great Live Journal page about OUAT cosplay: HERE

Let us know if you try this yourself, send us pictures, etc. Let your fan flag fly this summer, and let us know how you show your love for Once Upon a Time. 🙂

Oh, and if you see any OUAT costumes at any conventions, please ask nicely for a photo and send them our way. Thanks

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OUAT – More Fairy Tale Land Hints in Jefferson’s house in Storybrooke

From the wilderness wallpaper at Granny’s Diner, Mushrooms in Archie’s office, and much more there are many hints to remind you where the cursed inhabitants came from, but we see more in the “HAt Trick” episode:

See the branches arranged along the left wall?

See the tree filled wallpaper?

See the vine-like design in this wallpaper?

See the silver tree like rack in the back corner next to the guitar?

See the grass-like shag carpet? See the flower printed drapes? Almost the entire decor has clue after clue of Fairy Tale Land. With all the reminders and his heart breaking for his child, no wonder the Hatter went mad trying to get back.

Did you notice any other clues to FTL?