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OUAT – How I Got My Podcast in the Top 10 of Itunes

Sorry, OUAT fans but I’m going to use one blog post to get geeky. Here are my proven ways to get your podcast in the Top 10 of Itunes. Now, I’m not selling a book, but I am open to be interviewed about it (Just sayin’).

Now, how to get your podcast in the Itunes Top 10 (This is not any type of guarantee for everyone. However, this worked for me).

10. Podcast. Just do it. You can read, listen, go to expos (paying lots of money to listen), etc, but until you get into the fray, you will never learn. Failures are just paths you know don’t work for you.

9. Find a niche subject that you are passionate about. Notice I said “Niche” subject. I used to podcast about “Whatever I wanted to talk about,” and though it was great for me, there weren’t thousands of people that waited with baited breath to hear every word out of my mouth. Heck, my wife doesn’t want to hear everything I want to talk about.

Like I said, find a niche subject. Not “all TV shows,” but pick a TV show to focus completely on. Not “all movies,” but pick one movie or saga/trilogy and focus on that.

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