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Hello Oncers! Are you still reeling from the last episode? Let’s do something fun and play a game called “The ABC’s of OUAT”.

How does it work? I’ll explain…

Look down at the comments and take the next letter available and choose a word, name or item in the Once Upon a Time show and add it in the comments.

See it’s easy. When we reach Z, start over, let’s see how many OUAT ABCs we can come up with.

One letter per person in the comments, please. We want to give everyone a chance to add to our OUAT Alphabet!

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Thanks to Ro for this blogpost!

27 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Alphabet Game

  1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

    Via Ro

    A is for apple.

    Never eat any of the apples or someone might have to text your true love to come wake you up. Who knows what a green apple will do to you.

  2. Manny

    is for forest.

    Was the forest that baby Zelena was swept to by the tornado vortex in OZ, or just outside of OZ?

  3. Cathy @Stellathymeila

    G is for Gold
    Really hoping he gets his independence soon! The tension between him and Zelena had been clever but getting old. #freeRumpelstiktskin


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