Ustream Troubleshooting Guide

Hi there. First off, thanks for joining us for our Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast live show. You are here, because you are having issues listening, chatting or both. As much as we love technology and how it can bring us together, there can be issues along the way. Here are some times that *should* resolve your issues.

If you are on a computer;

We have had a number of listeners tell us that Chrome (a Google version of an internet browser). We suggest that you download Chrome and use it to listen and chat during the live show. The link to download Chrome is here:

Extra Tip: Ustream plays ads on the screen a certain points of the live show broadcast. It is very cost prohibitive for us to turn the ads off for all the listeners ($99 a month for 100 ad-free hours).

There are a few options;

Inexpensive – Each listener can pay Ustream $3.99 a month to remove the ads and have other perks (,
Free – We understand there is an ad-block add-on that can be added to Chrome to block the ads from being played. Keep in mind, that blocking ads on Ustream could block other ads or windows in other areas you visit.

General tips:
1. If you are having issues, we recommend first – refreshing, or logging off and back on, or switching to or from the Ustream site to,
2. Note: The speed and reliability of your internet connection will affect your live show experience,
3. Note: If you are connected to the internet below a high-speed, broadband connection (dial up), this could affect your live show experience,
4. Note: If your computer has spyware, viruses, or other CPU draining programs running, this could affect your live show experience. It is always good to maintain your computer with basic maintenance steps. We do not know your particular situation (Computer, Operating system, RAM size, etc), and cannot recommend specific steps. We recommend contacting someone knowledgeable in your area (family, friend, etc) to assist if you have specific questions,

If you are using an IPad/Iphone (or other Smartphone devices) Listening/Chatting during the Live Show;

Even though the Ipad, Iphone or other Smartphones are powerful devices, they need enough bandwidth to all the listener to enjoy all the parts of the Live Show.

If your device is connected via a 3G wireless connection, it is almost a foregone conclusion that you will experience issues like; skipping sound, no sound, the inability to chat and more. If you notice that you are connected via 3G, we suggest that you connect via a computer (with a high speed connection) or find and connect using a Wi-Fi connection,

If you device is connected via a Wi-Fi wireless connection, you *shouldn’t* have any issues,

General tips:
1. You should close down all apps that may be running in the background of your iPhone before joining the live show:,
2. You may need to log out and back into the Ustream app if you are having issues.

One thought on “Ustream Troubleshooting Guide

  1. Kate

    Thanks for putting this up! Chrome + Adblock extension seems to work the best. I’ve never had any problems with it *knock on wood* and more people have switched to it each liveshow and said it worked for them so here’s hoping for no more problems! (If you do need ads to work on another site you can always pause Adblock so it shouldn’t be a problem in the future if you get it for something like this but I keep it running 99% of the time and LOVE it).

    Looking forward to the liveshow. Here’s hoping everybody can hear and join in!

    Kate (MysteryKat25)


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