What do the different Smoke Colors in OUAT mean?

We have seen many instances of smoke in Once Upon a Time, but what do the different Smoke Colors in OUAT mean?

Smoke Colors in OUAT

Purple Smoke (Used to send people to Storybrooke);

In the Pilot:

and in True North:

a bit of a snag – Purple also means a clothing change (The Price of Gold)


to compare – Purple still means clothing change Cora changed Regina’s clothes into a beautiful dress in (Mother 4X21))


Green smoke (Means the Curse you were trying to conjour failed):

Purple smoke with tinges of Green in it (Dark Curse achieved):

same coloring when the Dark Curse rolls in:

Blue Smoke (Genie smoke):

I don’t think we’ve seen all the colors of smoke yet, but that’s all I’ve caught so far.

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4 thoughts on “What do the different Smoke Colors in OUAT mean?

  1. Manny

    Wow!….. That actually holds some water!!… idk about the “True North” cap’… you saw purple smoke while she was hangin there? I’ll have to go back! Hmm…

    nice dig!…..


    I THINK your hi def TV is better than mine ! Never thought about the smoke colors… Now I have another detail to watch for… I do wish some of the bad wishes would bring BAD KARMA back to the wishee… I would like to see bad to regina

    1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

      That would be an interesting twist, yes. All things have repercussions and returns. That might teach the “baddies” to be “gooder”. 🙂

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