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028 FAM OUAT Part A (Main Show) Lucky Louie’s Pawn Shop, More Belle, Part 1 Jennifer Morrison biography, VMs and more.


Thank you all who joined us, listened and chatted it up in our new Ustream chatroom! We appreciate all of you!

Raeann’s bio on JMo. Thanks again, Rae Ann. 🙂

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OUAT – Raphael Sbarge talks about Eco-Fatherhood

Besides being an actor that’s  very good at what he does, Raphael Sbarge can also add founder of Green Wish to his credentials. Raphael started Green Wish with a close friend, Ed Begley Jr.

In the interview below, Rapahel talks about his motivations for starting the program and how his children influenced him.

From Sesame Street to Green Wish: Raphael Sbarge Talks About Eco-Fatherhood

You have most likely seen or heard Raphael Sbarge somewhere.  He began his acting career at the tender age of 5 on Sesame Street.  He’s been in too many movies, television shows, and stage plays to mention, except to mention that he plays a double role in Once Upon a Time.  Or maybe you heard his voice on a number of video games.

We wanted to talk with Raphael about his nonprofit organization Green Wish that he started with Ed Begley, Jr.  It’s a grass-roots non-profit started in Los Angeles that aids local green organizations.  We heard it was inspired by his children, and continues to involve children as part of its education program.

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OUAT – Emilie de Ravin Signed As Series Regular for Season 2

Emilie De Ravin (Belle) will  be returning as a series regular for season 2 of Once Upon A Time.

As Once scribe Jane Espenson recently explained to us, “We cast [Emilie] thinking that she’d be great for this but that it would probably be a one-shot — but if she didn’t get a pilot and she had a good time and she’s available, we knew that of course she’d be welcome back!”

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Do you want more ‘Rumpbelle’ in season 2?.

The question is Dearies, did Rumpelstiltskin choose his magic over Belle again in the season finale?.

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