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OUAT Themes and Meanings – 4. Embrace Who You Are

red and snow

We’ve seen “Red” Riding Hood feel like she had to deny an important part of who she is – whether it’s her human side from her mother or her wolf side from Granny. Another example is Ariel afraid to tell Eric who she really is due to fear of rejection. The world often makes us feel like we have to hide the things that make us different. But we should always celebrate who we are, rather than reject it. It is what makes us unique that makes us special.

Submitted by Marissa

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10 Things to do during the Once Upon a Time 2014 Summer hiatus

As we ponder what chilly trouble Elsa will bring to Storybrooke, what else can a Oncer do while we wait for Season 4 to being? Here are some ideas;

image (18)

1. Rewatch the Once Upon a Time series. It’s great to go back and revisit Storybrooke, Boston, The Enchanted Forest, New York, again for the “first time”. Even though we know where a series is at the end of Season 3, it’s fun to see where things started and see how things all connect together (so far).


2. See and hopefully get a chance to meet and get a picture or autograph from an OUAT cast member at a convention (hopefully) near you:


3. Enter the world of Cosplay:


4. Visit the town where Once Upon a Time is filmed. Note: There are no guarantees that you will see any filming, but if you are lucky and do, it is very, very cool. Note: Steveston is a lovely town and the people there are even lovelier, even if there is no OUAT filming going on.


5. Listen to Disney, Once Again Podcast during the Once Upon a Time hiatus


6. Try your hand at some great apple recipes


7. Watch what Mr. Gold would watch, if he had a Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, that is Pawn Stars on the History Channel


8. Buy the Season 3 OUAT Blu Rays/DVDs when they go on sale on August 19th per


9. Don’t let a Flying Monkey sneak up on you – Learn Archery


10. Like it or not, Elsa is coming to OUAT – are you ready for her? Learn Frozen secrets HERE

Where to find the Once Upon a Time cast Summer 2014

This is a great forum thread listing where the OUAT cast will be appearing throughout Summer 2014.


Note: Check the specific convention website for up to the minute information. Some cast members may also be attending to sign autographs and not panel appearances, so check the specific convention website for complete information. OUAT Cast may make appearances near conventions like Comic Con, but not at Comic Con. It is recommended to follow all OUAT Cast on Twitter or Facebook for Off (or Nearby)-Convention appearance news.

Will you be going to see them?

OUAT Themes and Meanings – 3. All Magic Comes With a Price

One of the defining themes of Once Upon A Time, we’ve seen it come into play in every deal a character has made with Rumplestiltskin. Other examples include: Regina using magic to poison an apple only to have Henry eat it, and the Genie using the magic lamp to be with Regina forever – and becoming trapped in the mirror. We may not have magic in this world – but the potential consequences of your actions, and the price of instant gratification is something we must always be wary of.

Submitted by Marissa