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Can Rumpelstiltskin in Once Upon a Time be Redeemed?


Rumpelstiltskin has had a very winding road of character arcs. He has: Taken unlimited (but limiting to him) power and immortality from the Dark One dagger from Zoso, been given limited visions of the future from a seer, “died” and been revived at least once, gave up and found his son again, found love with Belle, but always struggles with choosing power over things that would bring his true, “happy ending”.

rumpel summon

Rumbelles and Rumpel fans have struggled to like Rumpel/Mr. Gold because of his wrong choices. My wife yells at the TV (like many of you, I think) when Rumpel lies, manipulates and makes wrong choices these days.


With the release of “The Author” Rumpelstiltskin may have his chance to be redeemed, but can Rumpelstiltskin in Once Upon a Time be Redeemed?


Many say no, but I say maybe.

The answer to me, lies (pardon the pun) with the Author.

I believe at some point the Author will have a “Come to Reality” conversation with Rumpelstiltskin, and instead of writing new “happy endings” for Rumpel, the Author will tell him the pieces of his happy endings were there all along – he just needed to make the right choices.

As powerful and as manipulative as Rumpel is, it can’t overcome Rumpel’s bad choices.

At the end of the day, it may not be the Author controlling the story of our characters, the destiny or “happy endings” of our OUAT characters will be contingent upon their choices. Did they treat people well? Did they choose the important thing for all time or the thing that will bring short term, instant happiness?

Perhaps the Author will get his happy ending by highlighting the opportunities all around the OUAT characters to get theirs by good choices?

What do you think? Can Rumpelstiltskin be Redeemed?


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5 Reasons I Still Watch and Enjoy ABC TV’s “Once Upon a Time”.


There are lots of choices of shows to watch, stream, etc these days. With only 24 hours in a day (and jobs, family, etc taking up a lot of those hours) it becomes more difficult to choose shows to watch. I realize that there are many reasons that people start and continue to watch shows, but one show has continued to keep me coming back to it, and that is ABC TV’s Once Upon a Time. I want to share my 5 Reasons I still watch and enjoy ABC TV’s “Once Upon a Time”.

how to get the most out of watching Once Upon a Time

5. It’s a modern day morality play. I love stories, but stories with depth and layers are far more interesting to me. If you peel back layers of stories like the Original Star Wars Trilogy, it’s a morality play of choosing the light side and the dark side of the force. The warnings are clear and we watch what happens when someone chooses one or the other.

Once Upon a Time is the same.

We hope that certain characters will do the right thing, but they sometimes (Okay, many times) don’t. We (the audience) know the risks and/or the reward from making choices, and watch the characters enjoy the good or struggle through their choices. Life is messy. Sure, we wish everyone would make the right choice all then time, but that doesn’t make very good dramatic television and also it doesn’t teach us anything. Sometimes we learn by watching people make wrong choices, and there are many made on Once Upon a Time.


4. It’s an extension (Not a copy) of the Disney movies we grew up with. We all remember the Disney’s retelling of classic stories, but Once Upon a Time take’s a “fan fiction twist” if you will on the Disney version, plus original story elements and adding a heavy dose of the story Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis want to tell. There are enough nods to the stories we remember, but also a new helping of new story twists making it a brand new experience. To me, Adam and Eddy are the Walt Disney (as far as TV show story writing goes) for a new generation.


3. It’s a “Reality Show” for Heroes and Villians. Adam and Eddy have challenged us to think beyond the boxes we like to put characters in: They are a Villain (always bad) – They are a Hero (always good). We struggle to do the right thing, and yet do the wrong, but we make these cardboard 1 dimensional story characters that can never wrestle or struggle like we do, because we don’t want heroes or villains to be like us. They are, and great writers like Adam and Eddy remind us of that.

Regina’s multi-seasonal redemption arc from Evil Queen/Evil Mayor to hero who uses light magic and is a card-carrying member of the heroes of Storybrooke is the most incredible of all.

Rumpel/Gold has had an “almost” redemption journey. Just when you think he’s there, – the old power hungry Rumpel kicks in, well like I said – it’s like real like (without the magical stuff).

Snow, Charming and Emma we learn had darkness in their past. Heroes have to struggle against darkness to make right decisions to be the Hero.

Strength without struggle is impossible. The struggle we see makes these characters resonate with us.


2. It has some of the strongest actors on television today. Lana, Robert, Ginnifer, Josh, Jennifer… I could go on and on about the strong cast in Once Upon a Time. They are top notch actors, that many people have never heard of. You can feel the emotion their characters are giving off through the TV screen. I feel it. That is the key to great acting, and OUAT has it all around. They make you laugh with them, cry with them, relate with them and are repelled by them, too.


1. It’s like a diamond – we see the same thing, but take away only a facet. We are not all the same. We all have different life paths, beliefs, etc, and the great thing about OUAT is that whoever we are – we watch it, see and take away something different from it. OUAT has a “magical” power that pulls people together that normally wouldn’t be to share this incredible story about incredible characters told with incredible actors by incredible writers and crew.


My wife and I host the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast (, and if you love OUAT, we invite you to check out our podcast.

Heart of Gold Review – First Thoughts – 274



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Heart of Gold Review

First Thoughts

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Episode Number: 274

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Like E.T., without keys

David and Mary Margaret confess about knowing the author

David and Mary Margaret admit to being human and made a mistake

Magical Quill must be made from the wood of Enchanted Tree. There is none in Storybrooke.

The author didn’t enjoy writing about Gold at all

Gold rescues the author, in trade for writing him new happy endings

Gold had Regina in cuffs (Magical cuffs?). He released her and gave her Robin’s phone number.

“I’m walking here!!” from Midnight Cowboy

Polar Star Coach – Lost

Bae’s apartment is a new hostel for those from the Enchanted Forest.

Marion lays down her purse, and she is welcomed to New York by being robbed

Robin steals (or borrows) a horse to get back Marion’s purse

Little John!

Robin and Marion’s Tavern

Robin of Loxley, walking the straight and narrow. Not vocalized, but we felt the same way about Regina.

Sheriff of Nottingham

“I can speak for myself” Marion. Go Marion

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Storybrooke for Sale? Sad times for Steveston.

Is Storybrooke for sale? From the looks of things in the Vancouver seaside village, Steveston B.C., it could use some of Rumpelstiltskin’s magic.


If we turn back the clock, when “Once Upon a Time” TV show first brought it’s cameras, lights and stars, Sandi Swanigan (who runs the City of Richmond’s department in charge of coordinating with the film industry) said, “It’d be really exciting if, in three years, one of the things Steveston is known for – beyond its shops and fish and chips – is it’s the town in Once Upon a Time”. Yes, the fans of the show make pilgrimages to Steveston, but the fishing industry (which is vital to the town) was on the decline.

We have listeners to the podcast that keep an eye on the town for us, and it is sad to see all the For Sale signs going up more and more for vital locations for “Once Upon a Time”.

Take, for example the Nikka Fishing and Marine building that doubles for the Storybrooke Free Public Library. From a story in the Richmond News dated September 22, 2014 “A landmark Steveston fishing supplies shop will be closing its doors next month, putting yet another nail in the coffin of the village’s fishing industry.”


There has been some interesting discussions within the town as to what to do with the now abandoned Nikka Fishing and Marine building, a suggestion of “…exploring the idea of using the soon-to-be-abandoned Nikka Fishing Marine building, which is the fictional library for Storybrooke in the television series Once Upon a Time” has been made.

Another shop that can be seen in the background of “Once Upon a Time” is for sale or lease.


And, as shown before, the Cannery Cafe which doubles as “Granny’s Cafe” is also for sale, as well.

Colleen and I visited Steveston a few years back and were the first Once Upon a Time Podcast to broadcast live there (We set up in the Steveston Hotel Cafe and watched Robert Carlyle go by in the cast transportation van). We love Steveston, and want to see it thrive. Let’s hope that things change soon for that wonderful town.

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“I’ve Stopped Watching ‘Once Upon A Time’!” and 5 Reasons Why That’s A Bad Idea


Now, *I* haven’t stopped watching “Once Upon a Time” (even though I struggled with Season 2), but many others have and that’s why I’m writing this post.

1. It’s not just about ‘ships or a particular character – it’s about the story. Would you stop reading a book because the story goes a certain way? No, you would be committed to the story to see how it ended. The same thing applies to Once Upon a Time.

2. The story may not have gone where you thought it should, but the story isn’t over yet. I’m not saying you will get your wish as far as where the goes, but if you give up before the whole story is told, you’ll never know where it went to get to the end.

3. (Most of) the characters in Once Upon a Time are still on the show and the story arcs are full (Evil characters can be redeemed, and Good characters can go bad – like real life) and fascinating. Watching Lana Parrilla act her way from the Queen of all Evil in Season 1 into a powerful, kind, forgiving woman season 4 that would make any person that never cheered for her during Season 1 get on their feet and cheer loudly for her now.

4. Some Disney fans struggle with Once Upon a Time, because they want the retelling of the animated features – that won’t happen (and I’m happy about that). One of great things is that it’s like the camera kept running after the Disney animated classics ended – and we see our heroes and villains in real life. What an amazing thing to see the Evil and or Good characters answer or regret decisions they made. Characters from the stories we remember in real life that we know. It causes them to be characters we can relate to, instead of “perfect” heroes that never make mistakes.

5. You (and your viewing numbers) have left/are leaving Once Upon a Time when they need you most. There has always been the talk of OUAT being canceled (Even going back to Season 1, btw), but it can’t go on forever. I’m convinced that Adam and Eddie have an end game story, and they will need all the previous watchers to return to give them a better chance to finish the story.

If you continue to watch, Once Upon a Time – continue reading

If you love ABC TV’s Once Upon a Time, please check out our #2 Itunes rated fan-produced, “Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast” at