Ask Regina’s Garden Gnome – The stoned question

“Dear Mr.Gnome,

What’s it like to be in a constant state of being “stoned?”…..Harrrrhrrrr!” Manny

Gnome– Oh, I see what you did there – Stoned, I get it. Now, I would never recommend to any person to take any type of illegal substances, but being in Storybrooke might make you feel like you had. I mean;

The clock in the clock tower stopped for 28 years. 28 years, and the company that made the clock said it was past the Warranty period, and they wouldn’t fix it. That’s freaky enough, but then

Wolves with one red eye and one black eye walking around,

Mr. Gold telling you the Wolf you saw walk by didn’t exist,

Storybrooke is a wacky place, but then is does have a Thursday every week now. 🙂

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One thought on “Ask Regina’s Garden Gnome – The stoned question

  1. Manny

    Maybe #littlereds like us need our own Thursday post to talk about what ruby was wearing as she jogged by on this day?….. W/pics…;-)


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