Lost/Star Wars/Disney connections to Once Upon a Time TV Show S1E4 “The Price of Gold”

Connections and interesting points in the 4th episode of Once Upon a Time “The Price of Gold”

NL: How did the Fairy Godmother die (If she did, in fact die)? How did Rumplestilskin appear there? Magic spell? Time travel?
NL: Rumplestilskin seems like a snake in his jacket and the way he talks Cinderella into signing the contract. Snake in the Garden of Eden?
SW: Pure magic (according to Rumplestilskin) is pure evil. Emperor Palpatine (in episode 3) twisted the good Jedi into being an evil group seeking power through takeover. The good now seems bad.
NL: After Rumplestilskin tells C that Pure Magic is Pure Evil, he ends up using the wand on C after she says she’ll do anything to change her life, and he gets something “precious” in the trade.
NL: Sheriff Graham’s police car number is 02
L: Dave’s Fish and Chips. Dave from Lost.
NL: Regina says, “I know everything”, but she really doesn’t. Ask Mr. Gold.
NL: Regina, “I did a little digging into who you are…” “In order for something to grow, it needs roots” Reference to trees
NL: Regina, “It all comes down to the number 7,” 7 dwarves?
L: Regina, “What did you enjoy so much about Tallahasee?” Lost
NL: Ashley/Cinderella Cinder
L: Emma tells Ashley that everyone loves to tell you what you can and cannot do. Locke from Lost said the same thing.
L: In a way, Storybrooke is a lot like the Island in Lost. These Fairy Tale characters are being faced with challenges that will change them (Cinderella and a pregnancy without the father, etc).
NL: Where representations of Hansel and Gretal in the Pawn shop?
NL: Cinderella watched the fireworks over the castle, and didn’t know what they meant. Just like Tangled.
NL: Sean’s (Ashley’s fiance) father does a deal with Rumplestilskin to find a father for her son.
NL: The retrofitted mine which now is the magical cell for Rumplestilskin (He will never escape it) seems reminiscent of the place that they tunnelled down to in Lost. Also, does it have anything to do with episode 5? Is is another portal to and from the Fairy Tale world (like beside the highway)?
NL: Emma tells Ashley about being a Mother of a child that she can’t ever leave (Like Storybrooke, and the Island from Lost).
NL: Prince Charming mentioned that one of Snow’s Bluebird set up a meeting with Rumplestilskin. When Rumplestilskin meets Ashley for the double-cross deal, he says, a little bird told him.
NL: Since Emma is the Savior, she can leave Storybrooke and not come back. She would have to choose to save the Fairy Tale characters, she is not forced to do it. Choice.
NL: Does Rumplestilskin (pre-cell) appear wherever he wants? Time Travel? Maybe he is outside of the curse (via The Evil Queen’s agreement)?
NL: Cinderella calls Thomas’ name Alexandra a prison sentence.
NL: Thomas goes to get Cinderella water when she is experiencing contractions (Why water?), but is kidnapped (killed?). He promised that he would pay anything if the new deal required it, but who was lurking in the bushes coming after him?
NL: Rumplestilskin did a Fonzie on the coffee machine.
NL: Regina “spends some time” with the Sheriff. Is this only because he also likes Emma?
NL: Emma wanted her codename to be ‘Pumpkin,’ because of Cinderella.
NL: Emma has a star keychain.

E News network is reporting that there will be another death in OUAT (http://www.eonline.com/news/watch_with_kristin/once_upon_time_spoiler_game_whose_big/275251). Who do you think it will be?

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