OUAT – First Thoughts on Initial Viewing of “The Shepherd”

These are initial thoughts I jotted down or that came up during my viewing of Once Upon a Time’s “The Shepherd” episode. As the week goes on, some of these will become blog posts or topics of discussion in the podcast.

1. Shepherd boy becomes dragon slayer. Similar to David in the Bible, except he slayed a giant.
2. Jacob and Esau in the Bible. Trickery and passing a brother off as another for riches.
3. Katherine is left-handed. Just noting that.
4. David Nolan said the Savior, saved him. That’s three people, so far.
5. Widmore from Lost makes his appearance.
6. Evil warrior looked like the bad guy in Willow.
7. PC’s armor looked very Roman.
8. Rumpelstiltskin reminds me a bit like Jacob in Lost. He appears at very influential points in time to nudge people to do a certain thing.
9. Rumpelstiltskin can’t bring the dead to life. “Dead is dead,” as they said in Lost.
10. Rumpelstiltskin told Prince Charming, “There is another”. That is what Yoda told Obi Wan when Luke left Dagobah.
11. The story point that there are twins was used in Star Wars.
12. MMB’s blouse looked very princess-like. The cut of it looked like an early drawing of a gown Princess Leia wore, actually.
13. Painting behind David and Katherine Nolan on the couch looked like an artistic representation of Pinocchio. Log in the middle, branches growing above, legs growing out from beneath.
14. When the shepherd returned with the one sheep, I was reminded of the Bible verse talking about the shepherd leaving the 99 sheep to save the 1.
15. Prince Charming asking his Mother, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Was exactly what Luke was calling out to Ben after Luke’s initial battle with Darth Vader.
16. Regina works in Storybrooke, as Rumpelstiltskin does in Fairy Tale Land to nudge people in certain directions to do certain things.
17. The green ring that Prince Charming Mother gave him… Oh, but that will have to wait for a very interesting screencap I have.

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2 thoughts on “OUAT – First Thoughts on Initial Viewing of “The Shepherd”

  1. Bob

    As great as it was to see Widmore, it was even more fun to see Emma and Mary Margaret break open a bottle of MacCutcheon – the fictional whiskey of Widmore and Lost….Love the continuing Lost references…..

  2. Bob

    Wonder what other items hidden in the clutter are in Mr. Gold’s shop that are clues or inside jokes?

    Been thinking about your comment that Storybrooke is stuck in 1983…Being a guy and no fashion expert I may be off base – but Regina’s hair in this episode was feathered back, much like an 80’s style. And last episode (Still Voice…) she arrived at the mine in a pant suit that seemed to have a high cut above the waist , like I remember girls pants were then as well…just a thought….

    But if no one has aged, I assume Henry has (since he was brought there). Then he progressed through the grades with the other school kids maintaining the same age?? OK, maybe that kind of thinking is too nit-picking of the basic story structure…Much like a Star Trek geek catching the writer in a scientific story trap….

    But speaking of nit-picky, I cant help wonder who the other firemen and construction workers that were helping out with the mine rescue were in the fairytale world…


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