OUAT – That mysterious green ring and my theory

So, we know that Prince Charming’s Mother gave him that ring to marry King Midas’ daughter:

Here’s a better look:

We see MMB playing with it as she waited for DN to arrive:

We also have seen MMB playing with it previously in episode 3 “Snow Falls,” as she watches David and Katherine embrace at the hospital:

and on the steps to her upper floor directly after in the same episode:

The most amazing thing I found is this picture of the ring:

Regina was wearing it in episode 5 “That Still Small Voice”:

So, how did Regina get the ring? We are seeing some time shifted scenes in this show. Meaning that the scenes we see in the Fairy Tale world are not in sequence. For instance in the pilot, we see Snow White marry, then she is pregnant. We see the dance sequence with Cinderella in another episode. So, we can assume that the scenes we are seeing in Storybrooke aren’t in the sequence that we are seeing, either.

I think that Regina asked Rumpelstiltskin to conjure or bring Katherine into Storybrooke to insure that MMB and DN would not end up together. Perhaps the scene when Regina is wearing the ring is after Katherine is gone or removed from the situation? Maybe Katherine is Maleficent (transform by another curse, maybe)? At this point, anything is possible. What do you think?

Note: Read the comments below. Some feel that this isn’t the same ring. That’s cool. I could be wrong, but I just wanted to pass along what I thought.

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6 thoughts on “OUAT – That mysterious green ring and my theory

  1. Jillian

    What a cawinkadink..I stumbled across this site (amazing job btw) and saw this blog. Recently I tweeted Lana Parilla asking about the ring Regina always wears. She said “It’s her connection to the other world. A choice made by me not scripted. :)!” so I guess that helps solve that. 🙂

  2. milkglass

    I think there is much more to the green ring. I think it was given to Regina by Robin Hood before she ever met Daniel. I think that Regina and Robin Hood were a couple and they have had the memories removed. I also think they are the parents of Snow White. Time will tell…..but that ring is significant and there are so many clues that indicate it is so much more than we have been told. Link to Green Ring theory https://twitter.com/Milkglass123/media


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