OUAT – Ladies and Gents, We have made Blue Fairy Contact! :)

If you have listened to our podcast, you know one of our (Not just me – listeners, too) more recent questions has been “What’s going on with the Blue Fairy?”

I mean, seriously – Where did she go? We all hope she stays away from that Rumpelstiltskin fellow. We do not want another Fairy mishap at Rumpel’s hand (Right fellas?).

So, I tweeted out our continued allegiance and wonderment of one, The Blue Fairy, and guess what – she tweeted back.

The awesome actress, Keegan Conner Tracy that plays the Blue Fairy was kind enough to answer our tweet and give us the Blue Fairy hashtag. Thanks again, Keegan. We support and cheer on all the awesome cast members, even blue ones. 🙂

Show your own support to Keegan, and follow her on Twitter @keegolicious. Be sure to tell her that the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast (the one with the Roney’s) sent you to cheer her on.

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