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OUAT – Bailee Madison guest stars as a young Snow White!

As good as the Once Upon a Time show gets, it just gets better. The casting director (Veronica Collins) has made a brilliant move by casting the perfect, Bailee Madison as the young, Snow White.

Variety article link: here

Veronica, thank you again. Bailee, welcome to the cast of the best show on TV!

Bailee is on Twitter: @baileemadison

OUAT – Ladies and Gents, We have made Blue Fairy Contact! :)

If you have listened to our podcast, you know one of our (Not just me – listeners, too) more recent questions has been “What’s going on with the Blue Fairy?”

I mean, seriously – Where did she go? We all hope she stays away from that Rumpelstiltskin fellow. We do not want another Fairy mishap at Rumpel’s hand (Right fellas?).

So, I tweeted out our continued allegiance and wonderment of one, The Blue Fairy, and guess what – she tweeted back.

The awesome actress, Keegan Conner Tracy that plays the Blue Fairy was kind enough to answer our tweet and give us the Blue Fairy hashtag. Thanks again, Keegan. We support and cheer on all the awesome cast members, even blue ones. 🙂

Show your own support to Keegan, and follow her on Twitter @keegolicious. Be sure to tell her that the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast (the one with the Roney’s) sent you to cheer her on.

014 OUAT Fan Podcast – We Missed You All

Welcome to the 14th regular episode of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast. This is a podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time.



The podcast is hosted by Jeff and Colleen Roney, a married couple from Orange County, CA.

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OUAT – The Mythology and DNA of the story of Star Wars

I know this is an interview with George Lucas, about the Star Wars saga, and not specifically about Once Upon a Time. It discusses the use of color, how and why a characters looks a certain way, the mythology and story points, etc. There are parts that you can use to see Once Upon a Time in a whole, new way:

OUAT – What the Flock?

Okay, some people have thought that I over analyze, and this might be the point I’ve gone over the edge, but here goes anyway.

So, in “7:15 AM” we see the storyline centering around Mary Margaret getting an injured Dove (some say a Pigeon) back to its flock. This is the flock she returned it to:

I started thinking that there were other flocks of birds I’ve seen in Once Upon a Time before. Now, I know I may be over analyzing, but I don’t think directors put in things for no reason. If they did in these situations, sorry, but I want to post this on the chance that these were placed here on purposes, for a reason in the storyline.

Flocks in the Pilot episode #1:

Flock #2:

and Flock #3 flying out ahead of the Dark Curse (right behind the mysterious dragon that we don’t talk much about (but I do)):

So, why post this? Well, we know that bluebirds transfer messages and maybe these flocks that are transferring information will fit into the storyline somehow, or maybe not. If not, please enjoy these lovely screenshots that some CG artist worked on for this show. 🙂