OUAT- The 7 Dwarfs

Looking back to episode ‘Dreamy’ we learned how the seven Dwarfs got their names.

However,’Dreamy’ was Grumpy’s real name before,well he became Grumpy.

They received their axe, and it picked their names for them. Seen in pictures below.

and we can not forget the 8th, Stealthy.

When Snow White broke the spell ( in episode Heart of Darkness) after kissing Charming and remembering who he was after forgetting everything by drinking the potion Rumplestiltskin gave her.

Charming was captured by his father’s men and brought back to the castle.

Team 7, stood by Snow and helped her get Charming back.

Team 7, is what they are referred too. The band of brothers that are,loving,loyal and they always have Snow’s back.

Family, doesn’t always have to be blood related.

We Love Team 7.

Grumpy: Lee Arenberg, Bashful: Mig Macario, Dopey: Jeffery Kaiser,

Doc: David -Paul Grove, Happy: Michael Coleman

Sneezy: Gabe Kouth, Sleepy: Faustino Di Bauda

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2 thoughts on “OUAT- The 7 Dwarfs

  1. Abbe Richards

    To start, I should say that (except for my son) I’ve never considered myself an official “fan” of anyone, or anything for that matter… there are people that I sincerely admire, but I’m not sure I’d use the word “fan” to describe myself in regard to them. Until now.
    I came to Twitter because I wanted to find out more about youth novel authors and ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”.. ie. to read about theories and such, so I searched out the actors of the show and followed whom they followed. I began also following other fans of the show as well, and began hearing about some “Team 7.” What the what? Oh… (I thought) the men who play the Seven Dwarves call themselves that… how cute. I began seeing their faces scroll up my screen all the time, talking to others in their profession (or so I thought). However, I found that the majority of these people with whom they were interacting weren’t actors or producers or members of any TV crew.. they were fans. People, just like me, who love the show and all that goes with it.
    For weeks this became my primary source of entertainment.. watching people talk to each other about “the show”… “Oncers” they called themselves, but amidst all this, those who (at least for me) shown most brightly were these seven men. They were funny, kind, respectful, and gave good sound advice to those asking for it (so many of these fans are so, very young), not unlike their television counterparts. I found myself wanting to be included with these people (Oh, I swore I’d never actually address myself to an actor of OUAT, I’m old and I’d feel silly.. but just talking to a fan or two would be fun.) So I began “chatting” with a couple fans and found that I was quickly and lovingly accepted (thank you, Kim Bader)… but not just by the fans, who, by themselves, are amazing, and stunningly talented, but by Team 7 itself. Keep in mind, these men are busy.. very very busy, they have families and big lives.. yet they take time, daily, to “stay in touch” with us crazy “Oncers,” and while we cheer them on… they cheer us on, right back.
    Yes, you read that right… I now consider myself a fan, too. I’m a “Sleepyhead,” “Bashfulbabe,” “Dopester,” listener of “Doc Talk,” a “Sneezer,” visiting my “Happy Place,” while being an avid member of the “Dreamyteam”. These men have become my “boys,” and what’s more, I consider them my friends, and I feel honored to do so… seven-bombing, as I go 🙂


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