OUAT – Where is Mary Margaret’s Letter?

In “What Happened to Frederick”, we find out that Kathryn left a letter for both Mary Margaret and David. She said that the subject of the letter(s) was for them to pursue and continue their love for each other. When Regina hears about this, she decides to find a way to destroy the letter so David will never get Kathryn’s message.

In both pictures, we only see David’s letter. Where is Mary Margaret’s letter? Was it inside the envelope together with David’s? Is it on the way to or already with Mary Margaret? If it is indeed with her, Mary Margaret’s letter was never burned. Will that play out in the story at some point?

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6 thoughts on “OUAT – Where is Mary Margaret’s Letter?

  1. Liz Stein

    I think it that maybe she wrote to them all in one letter. As far as I am concerned I did not see any other letter involved unless if it is hidden somewhere else. Or she just did not write her one. Gotta watch it to find out. The anticipation for two weeks is killing me ! Ha , ha.

  2. TorityPrism

    I also assume it was one letter to both of them. Kathryn said, “I wrote him a letter…well him and Mary Margaret.” There’s no reason the queen couldn’t have gone and gotten a second letter the same way she got the first one since she easily would have known about both if there were two. I don’t think Regina would have just forgotten there was a second letter. She was also too satisfied with the burning of the first letter to be like “Rats, now I need to get the second one.”

    1. Manny

      You know, let’s look at that for a moment…. What would be the big deal about David or MM getting that letter? Basically it says “Have at it you two…I’m out!, Bye!” Either way Kathryn is out of the picture…. whether or not she’s dead or alive! right? For the time being, David and MM are still in the same situation that they left it in ,right? MM is still the “HO”me wrecker in the town’s eyes and David is still the cheatin dog of the town, right? So what would the EQ/ Regina have better in mind? Killing Kathryn does her no good at all. So far, in this series, it seems to me that Regina is unaware that FairyTale characters can not leave Storybrooke or she’s under the impression that a lot worse is supposed to happen to them…. I’m not sure which it is? She either smiled at the thought of knowing Kathryn wasn’t going anywhere, or smiling at the thought that she just cast a spell on Kathryn using the letter as a possession of Kathryn’s and then setting it on fire to seal the spell…? But, I don’t think Regina knows that Frederick/Gym Coach is there to save the day? She wouldn’t want those two anywhere near eachother, as they are meant to be together! The stories seem to mimic eachother… from Storybrooke to FairyTale Land, with each fairytale! PC helped Abigail get back her true love (Frederick) in FairyTale Land. Is David now going to have to help the Gym Coach/Frederick get with Kathryn somehow? Does Regina have plans of switching the tables on David by placing Kathryn in a coma at the hospital and guilting him to death and trying to get them back together THAT WAY? Or is she going to pit the two of them (PC vs Frederick) against eachother and let male egos take it from there? Either way ,I don’t see Kathryn gone just yet……

      Yeah, and that’s a good question Jeff!…. What WAS our good Gym Coach doing out there anyway? He can’t leave town!… and as a fairytale character he’s got to have the same fears imbedded into his false memories as Kathryn described in hers…”I’ve always had this irrational fear of leaving Storybrooke, like something just was holding me back. Is that crazy?”………

  3. Lilly

    The way Regina and heard and understood it there was only one letter for both of them but it would be so great if Kathryn wrote a letter to Mary Margaret as well. She only put David’s name on the envelope so she could have written one to her and mailed it. The importance of the letter in reply to Manny is that Kathryn knows that David and MM have a true love one that she ever had with David and it would help ease the guilt they feel in going behind there back and thereby weakening the curse even more! I love this show!!

    1. Manny

      OK,… I get it… Regina fears that the letter would alleviate some or any guilt that David and MM would have, thus bringing them closer together and eventually totally together! Which can not happen!,….got it!
      Thank You Lilly!….

  4. damiana879

    I think there was only the one letter for the both of them. I DID notice that those keys that Emma found were what Regina used to get into the door of the house. I think that now that Emma has seen those keys it’s going to get really interesting. 🙂 I love the show, hope it goes on for a loong time.


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