Ask Regina’s Garden Gnome – Peeping Gnome

“Mr. Gnome, can you see into Regina’s windows and see what she is doing? If so what is she doing?” Maid Maleen

Gnome– Not really. That Evil Queen knew what she was doing. She sat me where I can see the street fine (Especially on Thursdays, thank goodness), but I can’t see in Regina’s windows. I do hear lots of crazy things going on in there, but can’t see anything.

Hey, maybe I can get Henry to set up a mirror pointing back toward the house… No way, that’s creepy. Oh well, I’ll just wait til Thursday. Sigh 🙂

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One thought on “Ask Regina’s Garden Gnome – Peeping Gnome

  1. Manny

    OR!?….. Maybe you can get Henry to bring you some of that magic well water to pour over your head and restore to you what you have lost!!??…. Because, are you actually dead? or just under a spell? You did make it to Storybrooke!… which means………maybe!….. You know, Frederick was turned into solid Gold and presumed dead untill he got some of that magic water!……”?” Hmm?


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