OUAT – Roads in and out of Storybrooke and Effects of Leaving

So, there are a few roads in and out of Storybrooke (IMHO);

One – The Emma crash road. The one with the very cool Welcome to Storybrooke sign where a wolf wandered in front of Emma’s car leaving town;

Two – The Ashley crash road.

The sign on the opposite side of the road is the Entering Storybrooke sign, see?

Three – The Katherine crash road.

See the Leaving Storybrooke green sign?

Four – Emma’s stall road in “True North”.

No signs around to establish which road it was. Maybe it was a curve of one of the other roads we’ve seen, but for now we will consider this is a road unto itself.

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5 thoughts on “OUAT – Roads in and out of Storybrooke and Effects of Leaving

      1. Manny

        I also believe that the Dark Curse has something to do with “INTENT” as well…… It will stop any fairytale character with the “intent” to leave, as it seems!
        That last screen cap of Emma and her police car was taken just after it had stalled on it’s own just before the “Leaving Storybrooke” sign. I don’t believe it stalled because of the two fairytale characters in the back seat! They didn’t want to go ANYWHERE! It was Emma’s INTENT to keep driving till she could come up with a better plan, even if it meant driving half way to Boston! (remember,..she believes that she can leave) So the car begins to stall and dies…. Emma, now believing that the car stalled because of the two in the back seat, gets out of the car and tells their father that the car is fine! How can she possibly know that, without assuming that the car will be fine as soon as those kids get out of it? She doesn’t realize it was her and her intent to leave that stalled the car….otherwise, why would it start all of a sudden, now! and allow her to go forward and make a Uturn? Her INTENT………. it was no longer to leave. It was to go home!

        Same with her INTENT to stay! If all that Emma had to do was return to Storybrooke to get time to restart (like Henry thought) then time would have restarted automatically, as soon as she crossed the city limits into Storybrooke, right?…but, it didn’t! Time did not restart until Emma’s “INTENT” was to stay….. not untill the second that she got that key to her room at Granny’s B&B in her hand, did Henry see that clock begin to tic. “Intent”…… It’s got be part of the Curse!!

  1. David

    I’ve asked this question before… how do supplies get into Storybrooke (fresh produce, canned goods, gasoline, paper money for the cash machines, school supplies, newsprint, clothing, hospital/medical supplies, etc.)

    Surely there are truckers who bring these items into Storybrooke, and are free to come and go.

  2. Manny

    I imagine as humans, they’re free to come and go….. Like Henry, immune to the Curse. We’ve already established that Storybrooke was “not” cut off to the outside world!


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