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OUAT – What the Flock?

Okay, some people have thought that I over analyze, and this might be the point I’ve gone over the edge, but here goes anyway.

So, in “7:15 AM” we see the storyline centering around Mary Margaret getting an injured Dove (some say a Pigeon) back to its flock. This is the flock she returned it to:

I started thinking that there were other flocks of birds I’ve seen in Once Upon a Time before. Now, I know I may be over analyzing, but I don’t think directors put in things for no reason. If they did in these situations, sorry, but I want to post this on the chance that these were placed here on purposes, for a reason in the storyline.

Flocks in the Pilot episode #1:

Flock #2:

and Flock #3 flying out ahead of the Dark Curse (right behind the mysterious dragon that we don’t talk much about (but I do)):

So, why post this? Well, we know that bluebirds transfer messages and maybe these flocks that are transferring information will fit into the storyline somehow, or maybe not. If not, please enjoy these lovely screenshots that some CG artist worked on for this show. 🙂