006 OUAT Podcast – The Shepherd

Welcome to the 6th episode of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast. This is a podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time.


The podcast is hosted by Jeff and Colleen Roney, a married couple from Orange County, CA.

The episode deals with the 6th OUAT episode, “The Shepherd”.

Here is a link to our A Closer Look at OUAT Blog for Connections, etc for the 6th Ep: http://acloserlookouat.roneyzone.com

In this episode, we;
1. Give a super brief recap.
2. Play some AWESOME voicemails.
3. Analyze and discuss connections, easter eggs and interesting points in the episode, including;
A. The similarities between David in the Bible and Prince Charming,
B. What does Rumpelstiltskin/Mr.Gold/Regina Mills have to do with Lost?,
C. What did we think of the heart-breaking scene at the Troll bridge between MMB and DN?
D. What were the Lost and Star Wars shout-outs?
E. What did the approach to the dragon’s lair did not have in common with Samurai films?

Note: We didn’t get a chance to read and discuss the emails we received this week. We want to keep the shows to around an hour in length, and we are discussing how to address emails, posts, etc.

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Thanks for listening. Jeff and Colleen.

12 thoughts on “006 OUAT Podcast – The Shepherd

  1. Bob

    Great podcast thanks!
    On the subject of does magic exist in Storybrooke (beyond the curse itself) and who can access it – it sure seems Regina can’t or she would have already….but I wonder if Mr. Gold can…that is I wonder if David is really remembering his own life or if, instead, he was put under some spell when he was with Mr. Gold when he looked at the windmill. The spell could have planted memories consistent with his wife’s fake story. Since his wife is likely placed there by Regina….is Regina employing a Mr. Gold spell to fool David?

  2. decarus

    I don’t think that the twin Prince who died is going to be in the real world because i think once you are dead you have to be dead. That was certainly always true in LOST. No one came back from the dead. And i really think that is the right way to go in shows. And also i think the reason they had Snow make the scar on Charming/David’s chin is so that we know that that guy, the one with the scar, has to be The Charming that she met in the woods and not the other twin prince. There is no doubt in my mine that David form the real world is Prince Charming that Snow met in the forest in the fairy tale world and the same guy that she married.

    Also i don’t think that Mary Margaret is going to be a nun. She even said in episode 2, i think it was, that she’s a teacher not a nun. Maybe they thought when they first did the pilot that they would make her a nun and then realized that would be way too complicated. That would mean that she would have a religious vocation and they would have to find a way for her to get out of that. And that could be very complicated. It is complicated enough that they put Charming in a marriage that he is going to have to get out of.

    1. Bob

      Great thoughts!
      One of the annoying things about TV writing – especially romances – is the writers do not want to move the characters together until the series is near its conclusion. The feeling is that the ratings will go down because their story has been resolved. So I could certainly see David working through his relationship with Katherine and then deciding once again to pursue Mary Margaret, only to have MM decide to consider the convent. Thus, adding another obstacle for the lovers to overcome and more story ideas for episodes….

      1. decarus

        Maybe i see what you are saying. I still don’t think they should go there just because of the complication of a religious vocation. It is not the normal complication that something like being in a relationship can be. I do think that they would hold out on Snow and Charming being together for a long time though.

        I think they will also wait on Charming and Kathryn breaking up for awhile because there is a lot they can do there, but i don’t really think it is necessary to go into the complicated issues of the religious vocation. I personally don’t want them to go there either which is probably why i am so against it.

        I think the show can go somewhere completely different once people start remembering and then they have to keep it from the Evil Queen. I mean once Henry convinces one person or one person remembers and is able to convince someone else that is just a whole new place to go with the show. Right now Emma does not believe him so once someone convinces her and they are actively trying to stop the curse that will be great. Right now we are just doing back story, which i am enjoying very much, but right now they are in no way trying to end the curse because no one believes, besides Henry, that there is a curse.

        There are just a lot of steps that they can take over the next few seasons without resorting to the issues of religious vocation. I mean they could go there, but i hope not.

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  4. obisgirl

    Hey guys! I’m listening to episode 6 now and thought of another Star Wars connection you guys forgot to mention. After Rumpelstiltskin shows up at the farm, James takes his mother aside and confronts her about the twin brother. This is very similar to the scene from Return of the Jedi, after Luke learns about a twin sister and ghost Ben comes to him in the swamp and reveals that he does have a twin sister and it is Leia.

    Going back even earlier to the end of The Empire Strikes Back, when Vader tells Luke that he is his father and when Luke is on in the Millennium Falcon, Luke whispers or cries to himself, “Ben, why didn’t you tell me?” That’s almost exactly what James says to his mother after he learns about his now-dead twin brother.

  5. Cathryn

    Hi! Just wanted to mention that in this podcast you mentioned the rowboat from “The Little Mermaid”, and you are a smart cookie! In Entertainment Weekly From an interview from the creators of the show, they said one of their future characters will be Ariel! It is quite impressive that you noted that similarity!

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  7. Rachel

    I just listened to this episode of your podcast and first i would like to say great job, I really enjoy listening to your comments and theories. I also think that after listening to your show that i might just have to get involved with Lost.

    I did notice a slight misconception on your part during this episode, that i hope you don’t mind me mentioning now. During the podcast you spoke about the twin brothers James and David and weather or not both will be part of the real life segment. I do not believe them both to be part of story brook main because the twin was brought in as a replacement for the one that died, and he died before the curse was cast, so i do not believe that there will be the twins.
    Also you was talking about James and David being engaged to either Midas’s daughter or Snow White, it was James who was involved with Midas’s daughter as part of the merger of the kingdoms and the whole reason why they had to get the brother to kill the dragon. He somehow chose not to marry Midas’s daughter and instead chose to follow his heart and marry Snow White. I believe that the entrance of the wife after he wakes up is just another ploy by the major to keep Snow White and the Prince apart.
    Sorry about the lack of names and places here – been a few weeks since i have seen the show because it has been on a holiday break.


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