Lost (and Disney)/Once Upon a Time Connections – Pilot

New! Once Upon a Time Episode 2 “The Thing You Love The Most” Connections here: http://new.roneyzone.com/blogs/jeffsdnablog/ouat-once-upon-a-time-se01e02-the-thing-you-love-most-thoughts-and-review/

Note: I have included Lost connections, as well as Non-Lost which would include Disney and internal show connections. I may have stretched a few of the connections too far, but you are free to leave your thoughts on that, as well as other Easter eggs I may have missed. Enjoy.


Logo showing a butterfly. The idea of transformation (The present world characters realizing who they really are. The tree wardrobe that Emma is hidden and Snow White’s glass coffin could be considered cocoons).

Two Worlds; Storybrooke and Fairy Tale Land

Two Lives on the Two Worlds


Emma Swan – (Lost: Swan station. Non-Lost: Possibly referring to The Swan Princess)
Henry – (Lost: Henry Gale?)
Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard – (Non Lost: Blanc is the French word for white)
Prince Charming/John Doe
The Evil Queen/Regina Mills – (NL: Evil Queen in FTW and Mayor in the RW)
Sheriff Graham
Jimminy Cricket/Archie Hopper – (NL: Hopper, Cricket – get it?)
Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold – (NL: Fairy Tale mentions spinning straw into gold)
Magic Mirror/Sydney – (L: Sydney was the airport Oceanic 815 departed prior to the now famous crash. Sydney is a reporter for Storybrooke’s Daily Mirror newspaper)

Pilot –

L: We see Prince Charming riding to get to Snow White across a bridge between two sections of the Fairy Tale land. To me, it was reminiscent of going from one of the Lost Islands to another.
NL: We first see Snow White buried in a tree (guarded by the 7 dwarves) and Emma was placed in a tree to be hidden from the Evil Queen, and was transported to the side of a freeway in Storybrooke, Maine.
NL: Emma was transported to a new land through a wardrobe (The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe).
Lost: The Prince’s kiss that broke the spell of death of Snow White, also had a colorful shock wave that cleared the fog away. It reminds me of the hatch explosion from Lost.

L: The colors of the windows in the church during the wedding remind me of the windows in the side room of the church during the finale of Lost.
NL: Snow White in white, and the Evil Queen in black.
L: The Evil Queen is the Woman in black (with a bit of red now and then).
L: Mentions of “Lost” and “Find”
L: When Prince Charming throws the sword at the Evil Queen, she changes into dark smoke.
L: Rubik’s cube on Emma’s table. I always thought that the Lost Island was one big Rubik’s cube. It could be just me.
NL: Emma lights a star candle on a cupcake, and wishes. She basically wishes on a star.
NL: On the outside of Emma’s apartment door is a list of spells (Spell beguile, for instance).
?: Emma apartment number is 205.
NL: Emma was given up by her parents, and Emma gave up Henry for adoption.
NL: Tinkerbell wind sculpture
L: Lighthouse shown in the Storybrooke Hardware and Paint logo
NL or L: Emma Swan’s license plate is 836 M4X (I don’t know what this means yet, but I’ll let you know)
NL: A child savior, but this time its a female.
L: Clock stopped at 8:15. Oceanic 815.
L: Fairy Tale Creatures sent to Storybrooke, where time stopped, and they are trapped, until they are released. They can’t leave. If they try, bad things happen.
L: Standard Clocks shop. Referring to the show title, but also the time travel in Lost.
NL: Archie Hopper is walking a Dalmatian (101 Dalmatians), wearing a scarf with green in it, and carrying an umbrella. He catches Henry in a lie, and whistle’s the “Give a Little Whistle” song as he walks away.

NL: The Fairy Godmother’s dress resembles Ursula from the Little Mermaid.
NL: Pinocchio is smoothing a carving of Monstro with a stone.
NL: Hiding in a magical tree. Icelandic Fairy Tale about a red and a blue tree protecting people from their enemies (http://www.storiestogrowby.com/stories/magic_tree_trunks_body.html)
NL: The Mayor(Witch) offering apple cider. There is also a bowl of apples in her house.
NL: The picture of the bird on the wall. Possibly depicting the birds she has around her as the witch.
NL: The figurine on the table next to the coach must represent something, but at this point I got nothing.
NL: Emma (The savior) has blonde hair, the Evil Queen has black hair. Yup, I know Snow White has black hair, too. Don’t have an explanation for that.
NL: Wolf in the road (Little Red Riding Hood.) causing her to crash (Wolf possibly blocking her way out).
L: Black Smoke rolling in as the Evil Queen comes for Snow White’s baby.
L: Emma’s eye is shown opening.
NL: Leroy is whistling ‘Whistle While You Work’ in the jail.
NL: Mary Margaret Blanchard is holding a blue bird.
L: The sound used to go to the commercial is very Lost like.
NL: Swans on Henry’s lamp.
NL: Regina Mills looks in the mirror.
NL: Mary Margaret Blanchard leaves white flowers for John Doe (Prince Charming on life support).
NL: Granny’s Bed and Breakfast address – 910. Nothin’ yet on this.
NL: We see Ruby (Red Riding Hood), Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin, who owns the town) at Granny’s Bed and Breakfast)
NL: There is a swan on the key Granny gives Emma for her room.
NL: Once Emma gets the key (and makes a commitment to stay for a week, as Henry asks), the clock begins to move again. Thus signalling all the pieces falling together for the series to begin.

Once Upon a Time filming location photos. NOTE: Some may include spoilers: http://www.flickr.com/photos/susangittins/sets/72157626994006407/with/6267598960/

9 thoughts on “Lost (and Disney)/Once Upon a Time Connections – Pilot

  1. Wayne Henderson

    Jeff, that’s an excellent list. Thanks for putting it together. In addition to all of these great shout-outs, etc, there’s also something intagable about Once Upon A Time that really drew me in. I can’t even explain it (yet). I watched it once, when it was on live, by myself because my wife was on a trip. I anxiously watched it again, when I shared it with my wife, and was still as giddy as the first time I saw it.

    With or without more LOST shout-outs, I’m very much looking forward to more episodes of Once Upon A Time!

  2. Paula

    Another LOST reference that you didn’t mention was Regina’s house # is 108… The button on the computer in the hatch had to be hit every 108 minutes.

    Very extensive list – I find myself rewatching episodes to see if I have missed any references, and after reading your list, I see that I have missed quite a few. I loved LOST and I now love OUAT!

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  4. Manny

    WOW! JEFF!
    I wasn’t aboard yet when all of this work was done… I was just nosing around in old posts and found all of this stuff! Wow! this stuff is GREAT! and there’s soo! much work over here that you should really “push” this area much, much more!! like in the podcasts! Urge people to come back here and poke around…. There’s so much here! THANKS! for all the work!….Wow!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks. I actually took some time to do just that in this week’s regular podcast (The inviting people to the blog thing), and I gave you a shout out, too. Thanks for all you do here, too man. Your input is important to what we are doing here, and we really appreciate it. 🙂

  5. Pepi Rod

    I have a friend, who says that Emma Swan’s license plate, which is 836 M4X, means June 1983 (Emma’s birthday, 28 years) and M4X, she doesn’t have it very sure, but she thinks sth along the way of “Memory forever”

  6. Manny

    Hey Jeff!, You know if you watch this version of the scene where the EQ crashes PC & SW’s wedding……. PC’s sword falls to the ground here, rather than traveling with the EQ through space and time and ending up in one of the walls in her castle. Have never seen this version….

    1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

      Yes, that is wild. I never noticed that. I guess that they didn’t want to go any farther with the EQ teleporting to her castle in the sneak peek (Saving special effects money early on?).


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