OUAT – Once Upon a Time SE01E02 “The Thing You Love Most” Thoughts and Review


I really liked the extension of the story. We see that how much power the evil witch has, and how she got it.


NL: Note: On the Title segment, the wolf was shown, now its the Unicorn. Emma had a Unicorn mobile hanging over her crib in the Pilot.
NL: Archie mention the Library’s “Rusty Old Innards” when the bell rang, and my Star Wars side had to note this.
NL: Now, I’m not an apple expert, but the apple that Regina gace Emma was a Red Delicious, not a Honey Crisp apple.
NL: Emma mentioned “read between the lines”, referring to the Fairy Tale Book that Henry has.
L: Regina’s “You have no idea what I’m capable of” line was also spoken by Shannon in the Lost episode, Exodus Part 1.
NL: A Dark Unicorn in Maleficent’s castle.
NL: The Evil Queen visit’s Maleficent (Witch from Sleeping Beauty)
NL: Maleficent has a horn like clip in here hair. Why is she blonde? Don’t know, yet.
NL: It appears that The Evil Queen traded her Dark Curse for the Sleeping Curse from Maleficent, and since it was broken with a kiss, The Evil Queen has come to get a refund and trade back.
L: The discussion between The Evil Queen and Maleficent about the fate of others and power reminds me of the discussions that Jacob had with The Man in Black.
NL: The Evil Queen tried to kill the Dark Unicorn with flying swords and spears. What is the significance of the Dark Unicorn?
NL: The battle between the witches looks almost like two Jedi Masters battling using Force powers.
NL: Blind Witch around the fire to create the Dark Curse. Is this the witch from Hansel and Gretel? We will see.
NL: Henry mentions that “The hero nevers believes the story at first, that’s what makes it a great story”. Joseph Campbell (Mythologist) calls it the “Reluctant Hero,” like Luke is Star Wars. Obi Wan asks him to go to Alderaan and he says no, but then after his adopted parents are killed he accepts the journey.
L: Ship steering wheel in the window of the Storybrooke bakery shop and on the outer wall.
L: When Emma and Mary Blanchard have the discussion of who they are in Henry’s book, the school bell rings (The story ‘rings a bell’) and it’s like the Lost finale when people began to realize a connection between the “present” world and their time on the island.
NL: Dr. Hoppers office has mushroom statues and plants growing.
NL: Dr. Hopper says Henry communicates through the story, its his language. The story is communicating to the people, telling them who they really are.

NL: The Evil Queen nears Rumpelstiltskin’s cell as a rat, when he tells her to show herself, she turns into Black smoke, then turns into her human form.
NL: To me Rumpelstiltskin has the same speaking pattern as Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.
NL: EQ asks Rumpelstiltskin what went wrong with the Dark Curse 1st attempt, and R told her that it requires the heart of what she truly loves (which is her father, Henry. Interesting to note that Joseph Campbell mentions that in some myths, the son (or in this case the daughter) kills the father to achieve greater power (This these is in the Star Wars trilogy with The Emperor asking Luke to kill Vader to take his Father’s place at his side).
NL: In Mayor/Regina’s office there is a horse statuette over the fireplace, and a multi-faced vase in an inset next to the fireplace. The wallpaper has a forest motif (as well as Dr. Hopper’s office, Granny’s Diner, etc). Also the color scheme of black and white (to me) shows the clash between Regina’s struggle to put her “good face” forward, but showing her “bad face” as well. When Emma leaves, Regina’s chair (and the way she sits in it) resembles a throne.
NL: Many warnings against revenge (a lonely road) and power (is seductive) are similar to the warnings in the Star Wars saga.
L: Henry (EQ’s Father) tells EQ that “the choice is yours”. Over and over, in Lost this was a strong theme about choices.
L: Mary Blanchard mentions she feels that she and Emma have met before. There is the cinnamon link to Emma, Henry and Mary Blanchard, as well.

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