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OUAT – Regina’s FTL Castle vs Henry’s New Playground

From the OUAT Fan Podcast Deputy Desk:

During the town council meeting, Regina reveals that she is constructing a playground inspired by a drawing from Henry’s book. When we see the finished playground, it was similar to Regina’s castle in Fairy Tale Land.

Here is a side by side picture 

Did Mr. Gold find another access point (like the sunken mine) to the Evil Queen’s castle, and that’s why Regina built the “playground” in the middle of the forest? Is there a doorway in the playground somewhere that leads down to Regina’s castle? Or another heart vault room? Or another secret underground room that the strange skeleton keys open.

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OUAT – Closeup of Regina’s “playground” plans

Here is a screencap of Regina’s playground plans:

Very interesting design, isn’t it? From this top view it looks like something is bursting up from underground, something sinister that is.

It also looks like parts of it has stairs. What other place that Regina has been in Storybrooke has had stairs? Hmm, I wonder what other use Regina has for this “playground”?

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Want more Once Upon a Time? Check out the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast at http://onceuponatimepodcast.com