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OUAT – Meetup Advertising Opportunities/Donation Needs

As most of you know, we will be holding our first Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast Meetup on September 14th (optional evening, if requested), 15th and 16th.

We want to make this meetup as special and as fun as possible, and so I wanted to put out a request for donations of swag, giveaway gifts, lanyards, etc for our meetup. We’d like to request these donations in exchange for a mention of you or your company on our brochure and at the meetup.

Our podcast is about Once Upon a Time on ABC, but we tend to expand the subjects to general Fairy Tales and Disney. Keep in mind our podcast is family friendly (even though we ride the line from time to time), so keep that in mind as far as your donation is concerned (i.e. – family friendly logo and company name).

Swag we are looking for:
Plastic bags (To hold items for the meetup, prizes, etc)

Giveaway ideas:
Once Upon a Time items
Signed items by the Once Upon a Time Cast and/or Crew
Applicable Disney items
Gift cards

We would like to have random contests, quizzes during the day and a major drawing on Saturday night, all with opportunities to give away prizes. Please let us know what you have to offer (except Mark Davis, we already have you on our list.), and we will make a decision and get back to you with the mailing address. Thanks.

OUAT – Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin expected to attend the CarsLand Grand Opening

Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin are scheduled to attend the Cars Land Grand Opening tonight, June 13. They will be answering twitter questions tonight from the red carpet. If you want to ask a question, you may  through the @Disneyland twitter account using the #CarsLand hastag. 

For up to date live coverage of events and celebrity arrivals, there will be a live blog with updates and video on this site – http://www.insidethemagic.net/2012/06/live-blog-cars-land-and-buena-vista-street-grand-opening-coverage-from-disney-california-adventure-at-disneyland-resort/

The event begins at approximately 5 PM PT.

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OUAT – Is that a bat? a bird? in the sky in “Skin Deep”?

What do you think?

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