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How often have was seen Emma’s blanket in Once Upon a Time?

One of the amazing character storylines unfolding on ABC’s amazing drama, Once Upon a Time is that of Emma, the reluctant savior/hero. One element is a beautiful baby blanket that we find showing up like a thread throughout Season 1. It’s almost like a silent reminder trying to get Emma to believe in her Fairy Tale origin.
This blanket, was initially knitted by Granny at the War Council table as Prince Charming discusses how they can strike back at the Evil Queen’s threat of a Dark Curse that will destroy all their happiness.
We also see the blanket in the background of Emma’s Boston apartment when Henry comes to visit to ask her to come back with him to Storybrooke.
We see it again in Emma’s things as she moves in with Mary Margaret.
One of the most incredible moments is when she brings it out to see if Ava and Nicholas (“True North” episode) had something from their father to help Emma bring the family together. Later in that episode, we see Mary Margaret magically drawn to the blanket. Will holding it up to her face cause memories of her Fairy Tale past unlock? You’ll have to watch this video to find out.

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OUAT – Where did Jefferson go?

In the episode Hat Trick, we see that Jefferson remembers his curse and is forcing Emma to believe. Jefferson believes that the only we he can get back his life and daughter is if Emma can make the hat work and he can return to Fairy Tale Land. He believed that Emma was special and had magic.

His plan of action was to kidnap Emma and force her to make the hat. He also kidnapped Mary Margaret as bait.

When Emma was able to knock Jefferson unconscious, she tried to free Mary Margaret so they can escape. But not without a little fight from Jefferson. As he held Emma at gunpoint, Mary Margaret whacked him from the back and pushed him out the window with his hat on.

When Emma and Mary Margaret look out the window, all they see are glass shards from the window and the hat Jefferson was wearing.

Where did Jefferson go? Did the hat work? Does Emma really have some kind of magic that made the hat work? Or did Jefferson get away somehow?

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Want more Once Upon A Time?  Check out the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast at http://onceuponatimepodcast.com