Once Upon a Time Beginner’s Guide


Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop

There is always something interesting in Gold’s shop that gives clues about the characters past and other fairy tale stories. It may look like a shop full of junk but there are many gems to be found if you’re up for the challenge!

Lost References

There are tons of lost references scattered throughout the series.

Hidden Mickey’s

Every now and then you’ll notice an obvious Mickey Mouse but others are hidden throughout the series and you really have to look for them.

Henry’s Book

Pay attention to the illustrations in Henry’s book. Sometimes they give clues on what’s to come.

Tron References

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis wrote Tron: Legacy and also were consulting producers on Disney’s XD TRON: Uprising. There aren’t too many references to it but the ones shown, will be appreciated by Tron fans.

Rumplestiltskin’s Castle

Inside Rumplestiltskin’s castle, on the pedestals in the background or shelves, are items that call back to a previous episode or a Disney/fairytale tie in. Don’t blink or you might miss it.

Star Wars

There are many references, phrases and situations that hint to the Star Wars universe.

Regina’s Ravens

At times in Storybrooke, when Regina is onscreen, listen for ravens cawing in the back round. You can hear them in multiple scenes.

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2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Beginner’s Guide

  1. Jenna E

    Wow! So far this is a fantabulous piece on Once Upon a Time. Kudos and big Thanks to Brad! His things he’s learnt from each episode are one of my favourite things and I am so glad to see that he is contributing posts as well! Well done Sir!

    Just because I am a very detail oriented/obsessed person, I cannot help but ask… is the picture of Granny’s house not a Storybrooke picture? It does not look like the more wooden cabin structure that was in the Enchanted Forest that appeared in Red Handed to me… just sayin’. 😉

    Big Love to all!

  2. Jenna E

    Truly amazing post. Incredibly well done!

    Apart from the previously mentioned detail of the perhaps erroneous picture of Granny’s House (on page 3 – later confirmed to be a Storybrooke picture of Granny’s B&B), on page 7, I do believe you meant that Thomas is Cinderella’s husband.

    Also, I might have put James as “James” but maybe that’s just me!

    This was an amazing post and I simply could not resist posting my obsessive detail noticing and my sincere thanks and congratulations!

    More Big Love to all!


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