Once Upon a Time Beginner’s Guide


The Enchanted Forest is where most of the fairy tale characters lived before coming to our world. Fans and show creators have also referred to it as The Fairytale Land, although it is never called this in the actual show. Just like “Lost” the ABC TV show used flashbacks as a major part of how it told its story, Once Upon A Time uses the same formula. They serve to bring more understanding and reasoning as to why characters make certain choices and to give a history of their counterpart. There are many other realms but the main focus is on The Enchanted Forest. Stories such as Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast all take place in this land. Once the Evil Queen cast her curse, she sends everyone from the Enchanted Forest to Storybrooke.


Originally belonged to King George until Snow White and Prince Charming overtook it when they reclaimed the kingdom.

This used to be the castle of King Leopold and Queen Eva, Snow White’s parents. After Snow is driven out of the castle by some unfortunate circumstances, the Evil Queen regains control over it.

The home of Rumpelstiltskin and where his many deals take place. Belle agrees to stay with him in exchange that he protect her family, she can usually be seen cleaning and taking care of the castle.

rumpel hovel

This is where Rumplestiltskin lived with his wife Milah and son Baelfire before becoming the Dark One.

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  1. Jenna E

    Wow! So far this is a fantabulous piece on Once Upon a Time. Kudos and big Thanks to Brad! His things he’s learnt from each episode are one of my favourite things and I am so glad to see that he is contributing posts as well! Well done Sir!

    Just because I am a very detail oriented/obsessed person, I cannot help but ask… is the picture of Granny’s house not a Storybrooke picture? It does not look like the more wooden cabin structure that was in the Enchanted Forest that appeared in Red Handed to me… just sayin’. 😉

    Big Love to all!

  2. Jenna E

    Truly amazing post. Incredibly well done!

    Apart from the previously mentioned detail of the perhaps erroneous picture of Granny’s House (on page 3 – later confirmed to be a Storybrooke picture of Granny’s B&B), on page 7, I do believe you meant that Thomas is Cinderella’s husband.

    Also, I might have put James as “James” but maybe that’s just me!

    This was an amazing post and I simply could not resist posting my obsessive detail noticing and my sincere thanks and congratulations!

    More Big Love to all!


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