Once Upon a Time Beginner’s Guide


 Storybrooke is an active, real life town called Steveston Village near Vancouver, British Columbia. Moncton Street is the primary filming site. Many of the shops used are actual businesses but the storefront names have been changed. Other television shows have also been filmed here including The X-Files (14th episode of season one), Stargate SG-1 (5th episode of the sixth season) and The 4400 (3rd episode of season 1). The 2014 remake of Godzilla was also partially filmed in Steveston, including some of the same street locations used by Once Upon A Time.

 Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas began dating in the fall of 2011. They became engaged on October 9, 2013. They were married on April 12, 2014 and on May 29, 2014, Ginnifer delivered their first baby boy, his name is Oliver Finlay Dallas.

 Prince Charming was originally supposed to die in the pilot episode.

 Josh Dallas and Lana Parilla both have noticeable scars. Josh has one on his chin and Lana has one on the right side of her upper lip.

 The Characters names are usually connected in some way to their fairytale counterpart.

o Dr. Archie Hopper / Jiminy Cricket

This one is the most obvious one

o Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White

Margarete Von Waldeck is said to be the inspiration for the story of Snow White. The name Blanchard means white

o Regina Mills / The Evil Queen

Regina means “queen”

o David Nolan / Prince Charming

His name could refer to David in the Bible who was also a shepherd. Nolan means “Champion”

o Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin

Rumpelstiltskin spins straw into gold

o Ashley Boyd / Cinderella

Ashes can also be referred to as cinders
Boyd means blond

o Moe French / Sir Maurice

Moe is short for Maurice and the story setting of Beauty and the Beast was in a small town in France

o Nicholas and Ava Zimmer / Hansel and Gretel

Zimmerman means, carpenter. Their father was a woodcutter.

 Granny knitted Emma’s baby blanket.

 Once Upon A Time was written by the same creators as Lost.

 Robert Caryle said he came up with the voice for Rumpelstiltskin from his son. “He was wandering through the house making these high-pitched voices and sounds. I thought, ‘Rumpelstiltskin has a child-like quality to him, he kind of enjoys gleefully tricking people. He’s 300 years old. He’s met so many people over the years that he’s been impressed and unimpressed by, he’s taken on their voices, and he’s taken on their accents and their mannerisms. He’s layered so much, he’s lost himself.”

 Once Upon show runners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis point out that every time we meet Rumple in the fairy tale land he’s in a slightly different time period and so therefore Carlyle actually uses a slightly different voice every single time to show this gradual layering effect.

 It takes two hours for Robert Carlyle to put on his Rumpelstiltskin makeup and one hour to take off.

 Jennifer Morrison is actually two years older than Josh Dallas who plays her father.

 Lana Parilla (Evil Queen), Alan Dale, (King George) and Emilie de Ravin, (Belle) have all appeared on Lost.

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  1. Jenna E

    Wow! So far this is a fantabulous piece on Once Upon a Time. Kudos and big Thanks to Brad! His things he’s learnt from each episode are one of my favourite things and I am so glad to see that he is contributing posts as well! Well done Sir!

    Just because I am a very detail oriented/obsessed person, I cannot help but ask… is the picture of Granny’s house not a Storybrooke picture? It does not look like the more wooden cabin structure that was in the Enchanted Forest that appeared in Red Handed to me… just sayin’. 😉

    Big Love to all!

  2. Jenna E

    Truly amazing post. Incredibly well done!

    Apart from the previously mentioned detail of the perhaps erroneous picture of Granny’s House (on page 3 – later confirmed to be a Storybrooke picture of Granny’s B&B), on page 7, I do believe you meant that Thomas is Cinderella’s husband.

    Also, I might have put James as “James” but maybe that’s just me!

    This was an amazing post and I simply could not resist posting my obsessive detail noticing and my sincere thanks and congratulations!

    More Big Love to all!


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