Once Upon a Time Beginner’s Guide


• “I will always find you” – This is said numerous times by Charming & Snow.
• “Dearie” – No Rumpelstiltskin impression would be complete without it.
• “All magic comes with a price” – It can be a very steep price, even deadly.
• “All curses can be broken” – No matter how terrible.
• Operation Cobra – This is the code word for Henry’s plan to break the curse.
• Hot chocolate with cinnamon – An old Charming favorite.
• “Please” – Regina is powerless whenever Mr. Gold uses this word.

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2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Beginner’s Guide

  1. Jenna E

    Wow! So far this is a fantabulous piece on Once Upon a Time. Kudos and big Thanks to Brad! His things he’s learnt from each episode are one of my favourite things and I am so glad to see that he is contributing posts as well! Well done Sir!

    Just because I am a very detail oriented/obsessed person, I cannot help but ask… is the picture of Granny’s house not a Storybrooke picture? It does not look like the more wooden cabin structure that was in the Enchanted Forest that appeared in Red Handed to me… just sayin’. 😉

    Big Love to all!

  2. Jenna E

    Truly amazing post. Incredibly well done!

    Apart from the previously mentioned detail of the perhaps erroneous picture of Granny’s House (on page 3 – later confirmed to be a Storybrooke picture of Granny’s B&B), on page 7, I do believe you meant that Thomas is Cinderella’s husband.

    Also, I might have put James as “James” but maybe that’s just me!

    This was an amazing post and I simply could not resist posting my obsessive detail noticing and my sincere thanks and congratulations!

    More Big Love to all!


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