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8 thoughts on “FAM 004 OUAT – Haven, Rumpel, Grimm Bros and more

  1. Luisa


    I’ve just recently discovered the show and your PodCast. You guys do an amazing job!!!

    In a early PodCast you played a interview where Ginnifer Goodwin called her character Sister Mary Margaret and you mentioned your theory about how she could’ve been in a convent in the past. However in episode 1×03 “Snow Falls” after Mary’s terrible date with Dr. Whale she runs into Emma. When Emma asks her what she’s doing out so late she says something like “I’m a teacher, not a nun”. Not sure if it could prove or disprove your theory but I thought it was a interesting quote considering the interview.

    I also have something else to point out. In 1×06 “The Shepard”, Kathryn shows David photos of their Storybroke past, but aside from the ones in the newspaper, there are no photos anywhere else in the town. Mary Margaret and Regina don’t have any in their houses, Archie doesn’t have it in his office or Regina in hers either. It’s very strange that this one person that has his memory wiped out (his Storybroke memory anyway) would have this “proof” of his existence there. Maybe they were fabricated by Regina, or by the Curse to try to get him to remember and when that didn’t work out they went for the windmill. Anyway, don’t really have a theory there, just something that I picked up and thought you guys would like it.

    Also, very happy with the Brazil shout-out in the last episode.
    Thank you for doing the show. It’s very much appreciated.

    Luisa – Brazil 🙂

    1. Malini

      In Ginnifer’s live tweet during Snow Falls, when that part was on, she tweeted “we had to undo the nun part”. I guess it was a creative decision when they decided they wanted to do more for her character.

  2. Bob

    Great observation on the lack of photos and pictures! Clearly Katherine is working for Regina, but why hasn’t anyone else noticed they have no record of times from the past? The concept of time and what the town inhabitants perceive as time passing and how the rest of the world perceives it is interesting. Certainly the curse keeps them from even challenging the lack of their own memories, but it seems quite possible that the past 28 years have not been experienced as years to them either, since time has been stopped. That is, 28 years of our time might feel like yesterday to them. I still think that presents a little odd circumstance for Henry who is presumably aging normally, and has aged 11 years, to notice his friends have never aged.

    1. Manny

      I’m with you Bob!…..
      I’ve been screamin about that very fact for so long that I think Jeff just ignores me now! lol!… I’m sure that it will be part of Henry’s back story if he ever gets one, ya know? what made Henry curiuos in the first place? I see that one a lot. Well, he’s the only one in an entire town that has ever aged! Don’t you think that he would eventually notice that those kids he started Kindergarten with are not only still in Kindergarten, but, are still 5yrs old!! and he is now 10 and in 5th grade! I imagine all in Storybrooke have been living the same week or month or even the same year over and over again for the last 28yrs. Repeating the same day would be too obvious, plus Henry could not have completed an education to this point if the time repeated wasn’t at least a year long. Although nobody else would advance, Regina would just move Henry to the next grade herself and so on and so on. I posed this to Jeff not too long ago…. If both time and aging was frozen for 28yrs….. wouldn’t that suggest that all of the Apple trees were bearing the same fruit over and over again? (smiles w/eyes crossed)

  3. Manny

    I would agree with Jeff that not only did Mr.Gold do all the nudging needed, but very likely wrote the book himself and made sure that it got into MM’s hands with the intention of it being given to Henry. The Dark Curse would not have allowed that book to cross over, so I imagine it was written in Storybrooke. And there are only two people who know the truth about FairyTale Land and we can safely assume that the EQ/ Regina would have been the last person in Storybrooke to write or even have wanted it written. So that leaves the only other person WITH motive! our good Mr.Gold/Rumpel to make sure his Grand Design comes to fruition. Rumpelstiltskin runs this show from A to Z!!

  4. Manny

    Sorry, a thought occured about the book… If the theory that the Dark Curse would not have allowed a book like that to cross over? then why would it allow an entire Library of truths to cross over only to rely on a boarded up building to protect all of it’s secrets. So! that means that Mr.Gold simply removed the book from the library and made it available to MM for Henry’s consumption. Slight adjustment! LOL!

  5. Manny

    A fact lending itself to the theory that the Book WAS written in Storybrooke and not in FairyTaleLand. The page that you all mentioned about Regina’s mausoleum/crypt where her father rests and the design on the outside matches the one in the book only exists in Storybrooke as you may recall, the EQ kills her father, completes the Dark Curse with his heart and then we see her standing above his headstone(in the ground) with the nerve to say “I Love You Daddy”…but no mausoleum or crypt and no time “or” reason to build one either as the Curse had been released. So the book was written and illustrated in Storybrooke! more than likely by Mr.Gold/Rumpel’


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