OUAT – Why is a light on above the boarded up library?

So, besides the cuteness of Mary Margaret, I noticed a light on a 2nd floor (slightly boarded up) window above the Storybrooke Free Public Library.

Also, is that a reflection of the light across the street, or is that a TV or computer in the room with the light on?

What do you think about this mysterious window? What does it have to do with the boarded up Library? The clock tower?

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10 thoughts on “OUAT – Why is a light on above the boarded up library?

  1. Shannon Ellis

    Hello Jeff and Colleen-
    I’m writing in from Napa, Ca and just wanted to first and foremost thank you both for such a fun and excited podcast where all fans can come together and share their love for this show. Its nice to chat about everything cuz what one may miss another could catch. Anyways, I wanted to go back a few episodes to Number 3 “Snow Falls” and get your opinions/feedback on what I’m about to write.
    If anyone caught it or not Im still pretty hooked on these video tapes that were mentioned. I think its very possible that Regina has not only a connection with those tapes, but also has/had a strong connection with Dr. Whale. Once Dr. Whale was dragged back in with Mary Margaret to check David, Dr. Whale pretty much lied to Mary Margaret about David’s condition…stating “same as its always been” but then after Mary left he called Regina to then tell her that there was “some minor glitches in brain activity.” and to call when things change. (did you see the apples in the basket?hehe) Noticed too that later she says SHE found him on the side of the road years ago and brought him to the hospital. She was his “emergency contact”. So that makes me think that there’s something going on there between those two as well as her having total control in this situation.
    Secondly, whats your feedback about the tapes? Did you catch what was said towards the end when Emma confronts Regina about this “rather strange” encounter with Katherine coming back into the picture? Regina states to Emma, “Thanks to you, those tapes were a stroke of genuis. We looked at past tapes and found out David had been talking in his sleep. Turns out he’s been calling out a Katherine.” Ummm….I’m rather curious to get your feedback on these particular scenes. So I’m sure Regina knew to mess around with those tapes…especially when they went back to view them. LeRoy and Walter were looking at the wrong tapes. Notice Emma’s face and how she looks puzzled.
    I hope this all makes sense and I could be totally thinking outside the box, but again I just happened to catch these moments and think yeah thats unusual…lets bring it up and discuss in the Podcast!
    Thanks again to you both! This show is great…it’s like a giant puzzle; trying to get all the pieces back together again. Have a great day you two!!!

      1. Deputy Bob

        I agree – it does look like maybe crew lighting in the first reflection used to light the scene….but the next one does look like an interior display on some monitor???….Clearly, this is the key to the entire curse…

  2. Manny

    It’s the Evil Sweeper Lady’s laptop glowing in her window….. evidently word has gotten back to her, somehow, that some-one on this podcast has been calling her…….. rude, … and mean, … and troll like! So there she sits….. huntched, …searching away, ………. in the dark, … “in the night”

  3. Manny

    I’m so disappointed that the Evil sweeper-lady didn’t turn out to be anyone RATS! “>_<" But there's always "Cappy" he still may turn out to be somebody yet, Jeff.


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