OUAT – Was Granny knitting Emma’s blanket? You decide.

In a recent Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast Feedback and More Episode: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/fam-003-ouat-granny-rumpel-lucifer-and-ben/, an awesome listener mentioned she thought the Granny was knitting Emma’s blanket. Here are 2 pics of Granny at the War Council table knitting:

Here is a screencap of the blanket around Emma. Do you think it was the same one?

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2 thoughts on “OUAT – Was Granny knitting Emma’s blanket? You decide.

  1. Raeann

    Great catch! I’m anxious to see how the blanket plays into the characters’ remembering. Emma unpacked it at Mary Margaret’s when her things were sent over, so hopefully we get to see MM run across the blanket and maybe make some connection. Emma had it over the back of a chair in her Boston apt, so maybe she’ll leave it laying around 🙂


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