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009 FAM OUAT – Live Show, Whitney, Bailee Madison, The Blue Fairy contact, ReTweeters, Secret Password and More.


This was our fourth live show using MIXLR.com.

Listen for the announcement of a special password to see exclusive filming set photos from Steveston on this post: here.

Thank you all who joined us, listened and chatted it up on the Mixlr.com chatroom!

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OUAT – Will we see more from The Burly Man in Storybrooke?

In one of the Sneak Peek videos for Skin Deep, we here the mention the “Ogres are not human,” then is this screencap from the Promo for Skin Deep at the end of “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree,” we see a man bound, with his mouth duct taped shut on the floor of what seems to be a flower shop of some kind:

Is this The Burly Man we have seen before? (Note: His hair does look different, but the eyes look similar to me) Will his storyline finally begin in Storybrooke?

I wonder if our friend Ernst can shed any light on this at all? :crosses fingers:

OUAT – “Ogre/Burly Man” C Ernst Harth fan page found on Facebook

Hey, the friendly Ogre that helped us out with great comments on some of our blog posts, the (friendly) “Ogre” and cool “Burly Man,” C. Ernst Harth has a Facebook Fan Page! 🙂

Let’s support and ‘like’ our Once Upon a Time cast members. (If you haven’t already) Head over and Like his FB page and tell him that OUAT Fan Podcast sent you. Thanks:


Ernst’s official webpage:

I did see mention of a Twitter account @CErnstHarth, but it was on fr.Twitter.com. When I tried to go there I got a sorta scary “This is not a secure connection” message. Is fr.Twitter, Twitter for french speaking users? Didn’t know what it meant, and wanted to ask.

Note: When we mention cast/crew FB pages and Twitter accounts, we believe they are legit, but they might not be. Be aware of that.

Note: I may have missed this all this time, but I wanted to point this out.

OUAT – We have been visited by an Ogre (A nice one).

Ladies and Gentlemen, We had another amazing thing happen today. You see, I post screencaps with questions to cause people to click on the link, like “Was the Giant from Jack in the Beanstalk spotted in Storybrooke?” It works, sometimes, but then today I look and see an email that a comment was added to my post, “Yes, the “Ogre” from ep. 2 is throughout ep. 8 as the city hall’s maintenance man, so far simply known as Burly Man.” I wondered why this person spoke with such surity, and I kept reading, “And next to me in the mayor’s office is Miss Ginger (Blind Witch) with the thick glasses.” What? Me, this person said, I looked at who left the comment – “Ernst
aka The Ogre”

Yes, we have been visited by a kindly Ogre/Burly Man played by C. “Ernst” Harth.

He left very helpful comments on three posts:




Ernst, thank you so very much for visiting our site and leaving your valuable comments. You taking the time to visit and interact with us means more than you will ever know. We can’t wait to see more of you in the show, and I want you to know you always are welcome here in our OUAT Fan community. Welcome, friend.

OUAT – Miss Ginger/Blind Witch Spotted in Storybrooke

I’m fairly certain that this is (from the mention in the Note: The link to the Press Release goes to a very cool OUAT info site that (unfortunately) has a F Bomb in the Tumblr site Title. I wanted to let you know ahead of time. Press Release) Miss Ginger in Storybrooke, which also would be the Blind Witch in Fairy Tale Land. Note: We have gotten great info from Ernst (the actor playing The Ogre/Burly Man) and corrected the photo. Thanks again, Ernst!:

so, if that was her (with the glasses, which has an ironic and comedic edge to it (because she was blind in Fairy Tale Land)), then she was here in Storybrooke, as well:

Here are some screencaps of The Blind Witch from “The Thing You Love Most” for comparison:

I’ll bet we will seeing more of her in the next OUAT episode. 🙂