OUAT – Connection between the Red Wolf and the Unicorn mobile?

So, we’ve see a very nice Unicorn mobile in the Fairy Tale Land:

and also in Storybrooke

Now, this may be a stretch, but we’ve also seen another glass figurine, the Red Wolf.

I’m wondering if they were made by the same person? If so, who?

2 thoughts on “OUAT – Connection between the Red Wolf and the Unicorn mobile?

  1. Manny

    Ruby also states that “It’s supposed to bring me good luck” as she shouts out at Billy for being rough with her car. Sounds like something Mr. Gold would say….
    P.S. Did anyone else notice the brief exchange between Mr. Gold and Ruby in ep.#2 as he was leaving Granny’s Inn just after he meets Emma at the front desk? Who hasn’t she slept with…? Ruby and Granny are members of the War Council! It would be pretty messed up if we find out later that Ruby is truly a nice girl(in FairyTaleLand) and that her “promiscuity” along with her false back-story were both gifts of the Dark Curse….. Ruby, (after the Dark Curse is lifted) ” I did WHAT!? with WHOOO!!???” LOL!


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