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005 OUAT Podcast – That Still Small Voice

Welcome to the 5th episode of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast. This is a podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time.



The podcast is hosted by Jeff and Colleen Roney, a married couple from Orange County, CA.

The episode deals with the 5th OUAT episode, “That Still Small Voice”.

Here is a link to my Connections list blog post for the 5th Ep: http://new.roneyzone.com/blogs/once-upon-a-time-tv-show-blogs/ouat-s1e5-easter-eggs-in-that-still-small-voice/

In this episode, we;
1. Give a super brief recap.
2. Play some AWESOME voicemails from Dave from Michigan and Joel from Wisconsin.
3. Analyze and discuss connections, easter eggs and interesting points in the episode, including;
A. What are the origin stories in all the episodes so far,
B. Does Regina have power in Storybooke or not? What does Hogan’s Heros have to do with it?,
C. Who did Jiminy’s parents resemble from the Disney cartoons?
D. Do actions in some in Storybrooke cause reactions weakening the curse? If so, who and which actions (we made a list)?
E. Does the Elevator shaft mirror the Hatch in Lost?
F. What is the different between a wish that we are used to and wishes in OUAT?
G. What does the savior do in this episode?
H. and much more.

We mentioned a few things;
A very cool OUAT quiz created by a listener of the podcast. Check it out: http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/2011/s11110169.htm

There is another Once Upon a Time podcast hosted by Father Roderick called The Secrets of Once Upon a Time:

Here is a very cool Once Upon a Time Fan Website that needs your cool, OUAT fan art. Please visit the site and share your fan art: http://www.onceuponatimefans.webs.com

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Thanks for listening. Jeff and Colleen.

OUAT S1E5 – Easter Eggs in “That Still Small Voice”

Here we bring out Easter Eggs, connections to other TV shows, movies and lines and concepts that may come into play in a later episode.

If you have anything you would like to add to our podcast, please leave a Voicemail at: 657-333-0626. Thanks.


L: Lost connections.
NL: Non-Lost connections (Star Wars, Classic Movie motifs, Fairy Tales, and Once Upon a Time call backs).

NL: Jiminy’s Mom (as the puppet), “I wish, but nothing changes” “I wish I was better at wishing”.
** Wishing (Empty wishes (perhaps like Aladdin, “I want a million dollars” or more meaningful wishes) and Wishing to Change (I wish to change myself or help someone else)
NL: Jiminy said Crickets can do whatever they want, and are free to hop from place to place. *Like the viewers hop from the Fairy Tale land to the real world, or how Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin does?
NL: Jiminy’s parents tell him he is free to do what they want, and to be who you are. You are who you are. Jiminy says he doesn’t want to steal. He wants to be good.
NL: Good is another word for weak. We already know that all evil curses can be broken, and are beginning to see that the Evil curse is weakening by good people making the choice to face responsibility and step into their destiny (and not run from it).
NL: His parents tell him to let them do the thinking for Jiminy. Jiminy’s parents control his actions, as well as Regina control Archie’s actions – for now.
NL: Archie Hopper asks, “Why do you believe that I am Jiminy Cricket?” Henry matter of factly replies, “because it’s who you are – you’re a conscience”. Henry sees who Archie is on the inside which makes him that, but Archie can’t see that. The subject of the heart or (hidden or shown) intentions of a person making them who they are is a focus of this episode. Again, we see that Henry speaks to the core of a person again (Emma is brave, Regina is Evil, and Archie is a conscience).
NL: Archie tells Henry to “keep thinking about why he believes the curse is real, because something is buried there”. Alluding to the sinkhole.
NL: Emma challenges the outer trappings of a deputy outfit. Does the outer appearance translate to who you are? Clothes and a tie are just clothes, but the badge has the power.
NL: Actions toward destiny and responsibility cause actions in the Real World, as the Evil Curse begins to be broken (Not all at once, but slowly, as more pieces of the “army” to destroy the Evil queen’s plan and the curse come together);

Emma staying in Storybrooke – caused the clock to begin to work again. Pushing the countdown to the final battle.
Emma’s deal (a future favor for Mr. Gold) – brought Sean to Ashley
Emma accepting the deputy badge (and, according to Sheriff Graham, “Become a part of the community. You have to make it official.”) – the sinkhole began
Archie standing up to Regina, and thus being who he really is – brings back the crickets. Note: Henry says, “There’s never been crickets here, you’ve just never noticed. We do hear an owl in the background. What else is missing?

Question: Does MMB’s action of resigning undo an action toward the final battle?

We can assume the sinkhole exposed the mineshaft opening, right?
Every decision and/or step toward everyone destiny seems to be causing Storybrooke Maine to erode/fall away/peel back to expose the “Real World” to the Fairy Tale World creatures, the fairy tale world.
Note: The portion here has been moved to a separate blog post here: http://new.roneyzone.com/blogs/once-upon-a-time-tv-show-blogs/ouat-was-the-mine-shaft-a-shout-out-to-the-hatch-in-lost-you-decide/

NL: Besides Henry, we see other children at the school, around the sinkhole, etc, but not interacting with Henry.
Question: What year was Storybrooke frozen in?

Archie tells Regina, “I think its wrong to “rip away” the world he’s constructed.” Is Storybrooke only in Henry’s imagination? Each Fairy Tale person that remembers who they are and take their place in destiny is ripping away at “the world” of Storybrooke.
NL: The little boy talking to an older Jiminy was his Jiminy, “If you don’t like your job, why don’t you do something else?” Then he gives him an umbrella.
L: Apollo Candy bar.
NL: Archie tells Henry, “This has to stop for your own good. You have to wake up.” When it’s actually Archie that needs to wake up from the sleep in Storybrooke.
NL: David Nolan mentioned “a horse” during hangman with Mary Margaret. Alluding to Fairy Tale land and their meeting when she stole the horse.
L: Nolan’s dog’s name, Ajax. A Jacks.
NL: Emma warns MMB from getting involved with a married guy. Are we to assume that a married man was Henry’s father, or was it a mistake along the way?
NL: MMB made S’mores. That may come up later.
NL: Emma asked Archie, “What could be strong enough to drown out your own conscience?” The Evil Curse, and working for Regina.
NL: Rumpelstiltskin wanted the names of the people Archie stole the money from for the gold thread. Does Archie work for Rumpelstiltskin.
NL: The floor where Rumpelstiltskin has a spiderweb design.
Question: When Henry was in the mineshaft, another earthquake occurred. What caused it? Maybe as Archie got near the opening of the mineshaft, he began to believe what Henry had said about him, and as he entered the mineshaft, more of the Fairy Tale land was exposed?
Question: How did a piece of Snow White’s coffin get out on the ground beyond the sinkhole for Regina to find it?
NL: David Nolan said, “It’s like I woke up in some strange land”
NL: Archie asks Henry (a number of times), “Why do you think it’s so important that your Fairy Tale theory is true?” Henry says, “Because this can’t be all there is”. Life without passion or purpose is like living in Storybrooke. There must be more.
NL: Henry mentioned that he didn’t find any proof in the mineshaft (Is he hiding the fact that he found the piece of Snow White’s coffin?), but Archie mentioned that he was lost (in the mine), and Henry found him and helped Archie remember the man he wanted to be. He just had to listen harder to the still small voice (his conscience).
NL: Emma (the Savior) saved Archie and Henry. Archie hooked his umbrella on Emma harness as the elevator fell down.
NL: Archie wishes on a star.
NL: Regina drops the piece of Snow White’s coffin down the airshaft, and it falls onto Snow White’s glass coffin in Fairy Tale land.

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