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OUAT – Listener Ken and his connections to Storybrooke

This podcast/blog has had many surprises, but this one was very unexpected. I launched out with my crazy idea about creating a Storybrooke/Steveston Main Street map, and I got an email from Ken who not only lived in Steveston, but began helping (still does, btw) me develop the information.

He is a great guy, and I always enjoy getting an email from him. One of the latest ones had some very interesting connections to Storybrooke/Fairy Tales, etc. I asked to share, and he agreed. Thanks, Ken. You rock, sir. 🙂

Listener Ken;

Lives in Steveston/Storybrooke,
Ken’s aunt lived in the building that is Mr. Gold’s Pawnbroker shop,
Adam Young, the young actor who played young Jiminy Cricket attends our neighbohood school (Link to a newspaper about it:,
I went to school with Gabrielle Rose who played Prince Charming’s mother,
A few weeks ago while Ken was walking around in Steveston, a rare waterspout formed in nearby waters … did more fairy tale characters descend into town? …lol! Here is the newspaper article about it:
Recently Ken found out one of our neighbor’s owns (but leases out) the Marine Garage property,
Ken has a 12 year old golden retriever named ‘Snowy’ … long story on the name.

This is Jeff, I’ll add one more, initially, Ken told me he was walking his dog (I will assume it was Snowy), and I believe turned a corner and almost walked into Jennifer Morrison. Ken, correct my errors in the story, but that’s how I remember what you told me.

Ken is another example of how this amazing “Once Upon a Time” TV Show has a magical way of drawing amazing people to this podcast/blog. Thank you Ken so, so much for everything.

OUAT Survey 1 – How did you hear about the OUAT Fan Podcast?

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OUAT – The Snow White cabin question. Updated.

We see two cabins in Once Upon a Time “7:15AM”;

The one that Snow was living in

and the cabin that David and Mary shared an almost kiss

Is this the same cabin? Even though they look different, is it another Toll/Troll bridge spot?

An update from the Deputy Desk: There is a second cabin behind the main cabin (No plane jokes, Manny! 😉 ), see it circled. Is that “the real” SW cabin?

OUAT – What note did Snow White give Prince Charming?

We see that King George holds the note that Prince Charming sent to Snow White:

When Snow was telling Charming that she didn’t love him anymore:

We see Snow hand Charming a note:

Was this the same note the came from Charming? I mean, sure we immediately think that is the truth, but what if it wasn’t?

We discuss a number of possibilities of what the note could have been on our most recent podcast episode:

OUAT – Did Snow White drink Rumpel’s potion?

So, we see two times how Snow White was interrupted from drinking Rumpelstiltskin’s potion. 1 was by Charming’s Dove:

the second time was Grumpy:

at the end of “7:15AM” we see an empty bottle next to Snow White’s bed and she appears to have forgotten who Prince Charming was:

but did she really drink the potion? We discussed this question on this episode of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast: