OUAT – Mr. Gold’s Mysterious Keys

So, we know that Ashley Boyd sprayed Mr. Gold with (what appeared to be Mace), then tool his wait for it – Gold key…

…to open (we assume) the safe behind the picture in the painting area at the back of his shop (Where he stood when he talked to David Nolan).

So, the gold key that Mr. Gold carries with him we assume goes to the safe behind the picture. Random question: How did Ashley know that one of the keys fit that safe? Did she work for Mr. Gold cleaning up his shop and saw him use it?

My next question is the key on the right for?

Now, this is a stretch, but to the left where the other set of keys hang, it looks like a larger safe sitting on the floor in the open.

If it is a safe, is it a fake safe? What I mean is if the key for it is right next to it, is the information inside fake info (Not real or to throw people of the true path of Mr. Gold’s true purposes)? Again, what I think is another safe, might not be at all, but what is the key that hangs there for?

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3 thoughts on “OUAT – Mr. Gold’s Mysterious Keys

  1. Manny

    In some of the original tales of Rumpel’ it is said that he cannot tell a lie. But he’s been lieing his @$$ off from the begining and I don’t mean half truths or manipulation…. although that’s all he is about – manipulation. I’m talking about in your face, bold lies!…. AND he isn’t supposed to tell ANYBODY his name! wtf? He outright intro’s himself as Rumpel’ to Ella…”?” This Rumpel’ breaks all the rules! And he is controlling EVERYTHING! With the obvious aim of his agression directed at the Evil Queen/Regina Mills…… why? Could our Evil Queen be the very Queen in this Rumpel’s story? Rumpel’ didn’t limp (as yet – with the FairyTale history given to us so far) but as of the Dark Curse hitting, he now limps! His orig’ tale ends when on the third day the millers daughter (EQ?), now the Queen, is told Rumpel’s name by a passing informant of the Queen, now breaking the deal with Rumpel’ AND NOW KEEPING HER FIRST BORN!!!. Rumpelstiltskin, so angry, STOMPS his right foot into the ground so hard that he opens a “SINK HOLE”, falls into it, never to be heard from again! And remember… that’s what happens in FairyTale Land, not Storybrooke. Rumpel’s beef with the EQ sounds like more than just a strife for power…. this is turning into a very personal act of revenge! And if the Queen in his story is our EQ then where is this First born of hers….. or, “who is this first born” And was this 1st born the King’s( Snow’s father’s) baby? And was this the secret Snow couldn’t keep? And who died, that the Evil Queen loved so much, because of it?
    Rumpel knows everything that’s going to happen before it happens, thus everything that happens IS what he wants to happen…. there are no surprises for him! Yes! Even getting clobbered in the face with a cinder block and mace by Ella! That was his way to Emma. He knew back in fairytale land when Prince Charming and Snow White were coming to see him AND why! He knew when the EQ was there, even in the form of a Rat! He knew of the plans of his imprisonment and went right along with it… even telling Ella of what she was about to do and then commenting on the “beautiful quill” in which she was about to do it with! HE KNEW! Then lied right to her face and said “I’ve no idea what happened to your Prince Thomas, but nobody will hear from him until our deal is complete!” the term baby was used, but that’s not what he had in mind. Then we see Emma making a deal with Gold for Ashely’s baby and up pops Sean/Prince Thomas in the hospital to reclaim his family… deal resolved, or at least passed on to Emma.
    My point being…… The golden keys may simply represent that Rumpelstiltskin/Mr.Gold is the key to…. or holds ALL of the keys to Storybrooke!


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