OUAT – We Give You Our First Thoughts, First. :)

Because sleep is over-rated, and we love Once Upon a Time so much, when there is a new Once Upon a Time episode broadcast, immediately following the West Coast airing, we will record a short, “First Thoughts” episode with our thoughts (No feedback) following the airing, and upload it to be available on Itunes and/or to be listened to on the website.

We will see if this is beneficial to the awesome listeners or our schedule, as we continue offering 3 podcasts a week;

1. First Thoughts (Only if there is a new OUAT episode broadcast),
2. Regular Episode (including audio feedback),
3. Feedback and More Episode (including email feedback) Note: If the Email feedback declines, we will do this type of episode sporadically),

This may be too much for some, but I’ve felt that there was too much time passing between the show airing and the 1st podcast about the episode, so we are trying this.

Thank you for your continued support, Itunes reviews and helpfulness to us. 2012 will be a big year for us – and you, the awesome listeners!

2 thoughts on “OUAT – We Give You Our First Thoughts, First. :)

  1. Manny

    Great idea, I’m all for it!!…… 2 questions:
    WHEN will each occur? (ie. First Thoughts. after ep’ showing, pt/ct/et – day, hr) ?
    WHAT defines a decline in Email feedback?(ie. just my Emails? or are Emails becoming impossible to get to and yr looking for a nice way to get out of them?lol! I think a recent drop in Emails would definitely be due to the “hiatus”, don’t you?

  2. Manny

    One more thing to consider…. your last live tweet was pretty cool….. and I think you all picked up few more listeners by simply engaging… I know I did! LOL!


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