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OUAT – More Fairy Tale Land Hints in Jefferson’s house in Storybrooke

From the wilderness wallpaper at Granny’s Diner, Mushrooms in Archie’s office, and much more there are many hints to remind you where the cursed inhabitants came from, but we see more in the “HAt Trick” episode:

See the branches arranged along the left wall?

See the tree filled wallpaper?

See the vine-like design in this wallpaper?

See the silver tree like rack in the back corner next to the guitar?

See the grass-like shag carpet? See the flower printed drapes? Almost the entire decor has clue after clue of Fairy Tale Land. With all the reminders and his heart breaking for his child, no wonder the Hatter went mad trying to get back.

Did you notice any other clues to FTL?

OUAT – We may have seen The Old Hag transformation

Any fans of the Disney version of Snow White recall her drinking the potion to transform into the “Old Hag”:

and now we see Regina the Evil Queen appear as a not too attractive woman selling children’s toys in “Hat Trick”:

then we see her talk to the Genie, now trapped in the Magic Mirror:

she quickly transforms back to the beautiful Evil Queen:

then back to the not too attractive saleswoman:

OUAT – The Queens Heart Vault

In episode 7 (The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter), we see that the Evil Queen had a vault filled with hearts and some  other things we still need to figure out. When she commissioned the Huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart, she intended to add the heart to her collection in the vault.

When the Huntsman did not bring back Snow White’s heart, the Evil Queen queen took his heart instead and placed it in the heart vault.

In Storybrooke, we see that Regina has brought this heart vault with her and hidden it underground, where she takes Graham’s heart and crushes it.

In this episode (Hat Trick), we see the Evil Queen doing everything she can to get into Wonderland to retrieve something. She asks Jefferson’s help and they both go into Wonderland.

As they get to Wonderand, we see this mausoleum-like structure that clearly belongs to the Queen of Hearts.

As we see the Evil Queen open the doors to the mausoleum, what we see surprises us.

The Heart Vault!

We see the Evil Queen retrieving a box from the vault and quickly escaping.

We realize that before she exits Wonderland, it was her father’s heart that was in the vault.

Who owns the heart vault? Who stole it from who? What kind of rivalry is going on between the Evil Queen and the Queen of Hearts? Why was Henry Sr.’s heart in Wonderland?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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OUAT – Where did Jefferson go?

In the episode Hat Trick, we see that Jefferson remembers his curse and is forcing Emma to believe. Jefferson believes that the only we he can get back his life and daughter is if Emma can make the hat work and he can return to Fairy Tale Land. He believed that Emma was special and had magic.

His plan of action was to kidnap Emma and force her to make the hat. He also kidnapped Mary Margaret as bait.

When Emma was able to knock Jefferson unconscious, she tried to free Mary Margaret so they can escape. But not without a little fight from Jefferson. As he held Emma at gunpoint, Mary Margaret whacked him from the back and pushed him out the window with his hat on.

When Emma and Mary Margaret look out the window, all they see are glass shards from the window and the hat Jefferson was wearing.

Where did Jefferson go? Did the hat work? Does Emma really have some kind of magic that made the hat work? Or did Jefferson get away somehow?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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